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Scrubbing the Soul!

Fluffy Vanilla Patchouli Eggnog Scrub Day 3 of the new year and the weekend is upon us! The first day I usually take it to relax and generally just watch some movies with the kids. The second day though, I … Continue reading

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The Pagan Meme

Usually I try to avoid these sorts of blog posts.. it’s not that I don’t want my readers to be able to get to know me, but I kinda leave that sort of thing for facebook or my IM; which … Continue reading

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Black & White: It’s all about intention!

I had a great experience on Chance’s radio show yesterday!! But I did want to touch on a few things real quick since we did have a limited amount of time. Chance had asked me about “white” magick vs. “black” … Continue reading

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Ask Andi Witchy Wednesday

I FINALLY received a question for Witchy Wednesday that I wanted to address on here.. It’s one that I can relate to as well, so definitely seemed as though it was something that was coming through to me for a … Continue reading

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Ask Andi Witchy Wednesday

I know I missed last week’s post, so I have that one, PLUS this week’s as well!! Sorry I missed the last one.. life got a little hectic these last few days with family in from out of town, one … Continue reading

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