I’ve always had a fascination for metaphysics; first having a precognitive dream at around 5, and then being introduced to tea leaf reading by my great grandmother at age 10! At 13, I began reading Tarot cards for friends and family. Throughout junior high and high school; I read and attended classes regularly, expanding my talents, developing others, and meeting great mentors along the way.

Further into adulthood, I’ve deepened my metaphysical studies with Reiki, herbalism, aromatherapy, crystals, energy work, astrology, Feri, Angels, Past Lives etc. I’ve personally worked and trained with many psychics, teachers, and healers throughout MANY moves cross country, and I know what it means to be a Lightworker on a personal and professional level.

Now in my 30s, I still continue my studies and helps assist others in theirs. Through classes, readings, healings and genuine friendship, I work to enlighten her clients to the Universes light and love in ALL!!

Through Tarot readings, I give inspiration and insight into your ever-changing life, what paths are available and how it will effect others directly. Tarot is based on the principle of synchronicity. It’s symbolism will relate to everyday activities within your life.

While it does give it’s guidance and clarification, the Tarot is also extremely enjoyable and entertaining! It is an empowering way of divining your soul’s purpose while navigating through life’s many twists and turns!

During a channeling session, guidance & messages from our angels, spirit guides, those on the other side and subconscious comes through. I’m an Empath, so I’ll also be utilizing intuition to “feel out” the energy. This assists not only in interpreting the message given, but understanding where it applies in your life given the energy connection between client and spirit.

I’m also a Reiki Master; having first been attuned Reiki I & II by Chrystal Moon in Denver and then with Diane Stein. Reiki is a Japanese healing art developed by Mikao Usui. Reiki can relieve pain, heal energy imbalances, and MUCH more. また少し日本語を話す!

I’ve been an ordained minister for the last 10 years. I’ve been concentrating more in this field while counseling others in finding the truth in their beliefs. I was a student of the late Gabriel Carrillo (Caradoc), and also Sara Reeder (Mercuria) when studying the Feri path. I’ve studied various rites of passage from many religious systems and adapted celebrations and studies to respect all faiths and belief systems. I believe my faith and beliefs stem from knowing we all are connected.

I really enjoy using astrology within many readings and healing therapies. With past life progression work, this method allows me to pinpoint where and why the karmic tie has happened and what can best help work through the karmic issues we have chosen to bring into this lifetime. While the natal chart shows what we are given to work with at birth; progressions, transits, and returns effect us in the present and future.

My path has always been that of a healer. I honestly strive to help people to live the best life they are able to achieve! The Universe does NOT discriminate against happiness and it is up to YOU to create the life you want to live!


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