Ask Andi Witchy Wednesday

I FINALLY received a question for Witchy Wednesday that I wanted to address on here.. It’s one that I can relate to as well, so definitely seemed as though it was something that was coming through to me for a reason! So, on to the question!!

Hi Andi,
I wanted to ask you a quick question about meditating. I’ve been trying for months now to practice meditating so that I can do some astral projection. I don’t think I’m any where near being able to project!!! My problem is that every time I try to start meditating, a few minutes later my nose is itching, then my leg, then my foot! It’s just annoying, it breaks my concentration and then I have to start all over! 😦 How can I find any easier way to ease myself into the meditative state the first time??

Thanks for your help!

Ok Donna.. here goes. When those itches start happening…. SCRATCH THEM! πŸ˜‰ It didn’t fail with me either. I remember I was in group meditation and was just really starting to get good and then all of a sudden I felt this tiny string in my sock rubbing against my toe. I tried ignoring it.. and then I started hearing everyone else kinda rustling around too. Then my eye popped open! And I immediately felt “great, I’m falling behind in the meditation!”. Then all of a sudden our teacher says “STOP!! All of you are fighting things. Itch your itch, adjust your back, do what you have to do to get comfortable. The more you fight it the less you’ll be focusing.” Which is true.. your body is fighting that state of relaxation for whatever reason. Maybe you’re just naturally someone who doesn’t sit still for very long… does anyone these days?? So here’s my quick advice steps..

  • Don’t try to start your meditation until you’ve gotten past those itches. Take a couple minutes to focus on your breath and generally relax yourself. Adjust anything you need to to make sure you’re comfortable.. If you’re sitting upright, try laying down. Feet cold? Put on socks. Just make sure to address whatever it is that’s causing the distraction.
  • Start at your toes.. curl them under and hold them tight for a moment, then let go and feel them slowly relax. Then move to your calves, flex and hold the muscles and let them go. Move to your thighs, then buttocks, and abdomen. After those muscle sets you should gently feel the next body parts relaxing on their own.. After your abdomen, you’ll move to your shoulders, you should feel them drop and relax along with your arms. No need to flex the biceps! πŸ˜‰ Then move to your face; feel your mouth relax, cheeks, eyes, forehead and then scalp. By this time your body should be feeling GREAT!!
  • Focus again on your breath. If you want you can move into your own meditation. At this time I would go through and do a chakra cleansing and balancing before my meditation. But that is going to be another post at a later date! πŸ˜‰
  • Just those few things have really been able to help out immensely in my meditations!! It’s really tough once you get it in your mind you’re doing it wrong. But it’s just a natural reaction in your body, and once you train it to NOT feel those itches and distractions as much, you’ll be able to hit a meditative state almost instantaneously at times!

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    I hope that helps you and anyone else that might be struggling with meditating!! Everyone remember to send me your questions at my email or facebook. Have a great day everyone!

    Many Blessings!

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