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It’s a BEAUTIFUL New Year!

If you’ve managed to make it to this post, first I want to say Thanks! Maybe you’re someone who has been navigating these choppy waters alongside me for the last year or maybe you stumbled here looking for some knowledge or … Continue reading

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Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot Cards Review

So things have been a little hectic; shoot when AREN’T they when you’ve got 2 kids under the age of 2?! LOL! My last post was actually 10 days before I had my daughter! But now that all the Summer … Continue reading

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Black & White: It’s all about intention!

I had a great experience on Chance’s radio show yesterday!! But I did want to touch on a few things real quick since we did have a limited amount of time. Chance had asked me about “white” magick vs. “black” … Continue reading

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Expect the Unexpected

Ok so, I apologize that Tarotscopes did not get posted!! And after I made a big stink about them possibly going out on Sunday.. it’s just one of those weeks peeps! Some time ya just gotta learn to roll with … Continue reading

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Minding Your Words

“He has a right to criticize, who has a heart to help” ~Abraham Lincoln “If your heart acquires strength, you will be able to remove blemishes from others without thinking evil of them.” ~Mohandas K. Gandhi “He only profits from … Continue reading

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Minding Your Thoughts – Change Your Life

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” ~Buddha “The ancestor of every action is a thought.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson “Always aim at complete harmony of thought and … Continue reading

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*POP* Dating – How to make it work!

On a recent advertisement on TV, I heard that 1 in 5 relationships now begin from online dating! I’d have to say this is probably true as many of my clients are finding themselves online anyways, so why not look … Continue reading

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