Expect the Unexpected

Ok so, I apologize that Tarotscopes did not get posted!! And after I made a big stink about them possibly going out on Sunday.. it’s just one of those weeks peeps! Some time ya just gotta learn to roll with it. On a plus side, I do have a lush new lawn! So, you’re probably asking yourself what that pic is too… Well, that’s another thing I’ve been working on… EVP’s!!!! It’s the spectral graphic of the clip. Now I know I’ve said more than enough times I have one that will knock your socks off… I’ve been trying to work with the audio, but I haven’t spent enough time in the program I’ve been using to get it tweaked to perfection. I’m sure given some time, I’ll figure it out! I’ve got an air conditioning unit right outside my window.. it’s not the quietest. LOL! If someone has any tips or tricks to equalizing and noise reduction for EVP’s I’m all ears! Believe me, if I can get some of the stuff I hear but others don’t, that would be pretty nice too! Anyways.. here he, and I believe she, is!

Now I gotta remind you that I’ve been doing a lot of these recordings either with a ghost box, or Frank’s box, and like this one I’m sharing; while I’m asleep. I use an Olympus DM-420 for recording. The weird thing is that most of the one’s that happen when I’m asleep, usually occur at the same times when recording! I kinda wanted to just have an idea of maybe what sort of activity might be going on while I’m sleeping… Boy, have I been surprised!!!

So, at first you will hear a sigh. Then there is a male’s voice that I hear saying “expecting me?”. Now, next is a tough one because it almost sounds like my voice in the background a little. But you can definitely make out a whisper saying either “there’s no fear in us” or “fear us”. It’s tough since it almost seems like I answer “no” while asleep, after the man, but either before or as part of the answer. I plan to work on this one quite a bit more since there’s about 5 hours of recording on it and this one is a good one, but I still have many, MANY, more that need help. I haven’t even made any new recordings in the last 2 months because I already have so many available. Though I am also planning on making a list of questions and work with the ghost box a little more to see what we can produce there! I’ve already received some answers there regarding a “vortex”!!!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this little mp3.. I know it’s short, but most of them are. I will add more to this EVP playlist as I get the rest of them processed! And if you have any tips or suggestions, you can get in contact at my facebook or email.

Have a fabulous night!!!

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