It’s a BEAUTIFUL New Year!

If you’ve managed to make it to this post, first I want to say Thanks! Maybe you’re someone who has been navigating these choppy waters alongside me for the last year or maybe you stumbled here looking for some knowledge or enlightenment! Either way; Thank YOU!!!

My New Year started off wonderfully in that I was able to ring it in with a long time gal pal from high school that had recently moved to the area about 6 months ago! It’s been FAB to have our kids get to know one another and for us to reconnect more too!

It has been one helluva 2014 though… There’s really no reason to sugar coat it! But while on my journey I was able to come across a couple revelations. It wasn’t really all that easy when it ended up feeling sorta a little like this at times..

Yeah, not the prettiest. But that’s kinda the point. Not everything is going to be “pretty”, or nice, or easy, etc… and at the same time; it is what it is and it’s only your perception of how you want to interpret it from the expectations that you’re having. And you have to remember that YOUR interpretation of what’s happening, isn’t always going to end up matching up with someone else. (Hallelujah I didn’t put my hubby in the nut house.. or 6 ft under! LOL!)

However, as life sometimes ends up being hurled into a little bit of a chaotic wreck and as much as I thought I had wrestled some demons; they sure decided to rear their heads up to make sure I hadn’t forgotten…


And there ended up being a simplistic beauty in things when it started coming back around and that’s when it all started to click into place!

In my “work” there is a need to have the answers for others. But (un)fortunately, sometimes they aren’t going to be given for a variety of reasons. This can result in some not so great consequences, but of course it’s my perception to see WHY this happens and to not take it personal. Even in my own meditations I still ask the questions of WHY and HOW… because I’ll always feel there will be more answers to find!

So while 2014 may have been a year of learning; my word for 2014 had actually been STRIVE… It sure made me do it!! My 2015 word for the year is: BEAUTIFUL.


I look forward to making and creating the year of 2015 to be one of beauty! And I hope that you’ll be around to share in it too!

Much LOVE & Light!

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