We could be heroes!

I didn’t really have an intention of a blog post today, but stranger things have happened and always end up working out how they’re always supposed to!

10968442_10206114638133212_3127099949632472664_nI will apologize AGAIN though for my lack of posts! I’m still very busy “behind the scenes” with things (plus my hubster decided to go back to school!) and I’ve just been observing what’s all happening in the social realms. It’s always a good idea to just stop trying to work so hard at something and take a deep breath if it’s going to do nothing but stress you out! And for what? Probably nothing more than what you’re trying to avoid in the first place!! The Leo Full Moon on the 3rd was fantastic though and looking back to my previous post last year on it; it still emulates much  of the same undercurrents. And while I’d rather not get too caught up into what was or even what will be just yet.. I am pretty stoked that Heroes is making a comeback!! But much in the same way that Heroes is being reborn.. The Phoenix Will Rise Again.

So as much as I could keep rattling on about some things, I’m going to go put my thoughts into some more cohesive that I’m sure will end up on here anyways! But hope everyone has a fabulous day and enjoys the upcoming weekend!

Much Love!

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