Check This Deck! Magical Times Empowerment Cards

Magical Times Empowerment Oracle Cards
Magical Times Empowerment Oracle Cards

I’ve been working a little more with oracle decks lately… Sometimes it’s GOOD to branch yourself off from the more traditional Tarot! And I stumbled upon Magical Times Empowerment Cards by Jody Bergsma; this positively GORGEOUS and obviously underrated deck (there’s only 20 reviews for it on Amazon!) a little while back!

Like a good number of oracle decks, it comes with 44 cards. 44 is a master number in numerology and it’s 44/8 vibrational energy is one of divine inspiration, discipline, sacrifice, self-love, transformation, and balance. Makes pretty good sense for oracle decks, right?! The 28 page LWB that comes with, has the cards listed in alphabetical order and includes the phrase on the card as well as a slight expansion. There isn’t too much about reading the cards other than a standard 1 card pick, an empowerment 3 card spread that basically read as a PPF 3 card spread, and a 5 card element spread. I’ll get more into reading the cards in a sec!

The images are fantasy based with fairies, mermaids, dragons, unicorns, animals, etc.. The coloring of the images is watercolor based so is a little softer, but still has dynamic depth to it. The backs are equally as stunning and a whole lot more vibrant! There is a nice “flow” through the cards and there isn’t any one that seems to stick out like a sore thumb! While the size of the cards are slightly larger, I didn’t have all that much trouble shuffling! The backing of the cards have a nice “grippy” feel to them, but the cards do feel somewhat flimsy.. although, I am one to riffle my decks and it didn’t have too much of a bend to them so I’m hoping they will hold up over time! The little flip box they come in is definitely sturdy and pretty cute!

So as far as reading with this deck.. In the little white book it mentions reading the cards reversed. For some reason I have NEVER had good luck with reading oracle decks in this way, but if it works for you, do it to it! Some spreads are proving to work really well, while others seem to lead to some rather confusing information (this might end up resulting in another post actually!), but it definitely has been giving some incredibly accurate reads when the spread seems to “agree” with the cards! Hey, some decks can be picky like that! One of the more interesting reads I’ve been doing with it has been 6 month overviews. They have been proving time and again with clients to be more than helpful! Here’s one I did a while back for someone!

She’s a couple months into the reading and things are really matching up with the information that was provided and has made for a VERY transforming time a lot more easier to manage!
I like the way that the information is given through the cards as well. It isn’t “in your face”, but it definitely isn’t “fluffy” either. It’s simplistic and precise. And overall I can say it’ll be a deck I can see myself working with regularly! So if you’ve been looking for a new oracle deck I HIGHLY recommend giving this one a try!!

If you would like a reading using the Magical Time Empowerment Cards, or have any other questions or suggestions, you can send me a message at facebook or my email!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Many Blessings!!

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