Scrubbing the Soul!

Fluffy Vanilla Patchouli Eggnog Scrub

Day 3 of the new year and the weekend is upon us! The first day I usually take it to relax and generally just watch some movies with the kids. The second day though, I go into all out planning mode! And I love that while I’m super stoked and motivated to get things done, I also want a little bit of that calmness. So since I had planned out a good chunk of my calendar, and started on a writing project; I figured my next step was to hop on the treadmill for 30 minutes! Then while I was quick stepping along.. ok it did briefly look like THIS when my husband and son came into the room and I felt the need to bust a move; thankfully I didn’t bust my ass! But it suddenly occurred to me that I needed to make a scrub! I went back to that whole feeling of wanting to keep the motivation, but definitely needing to mellow out a little! But it was sorta starting to be more than that too.. I wanted something to still remind me of the holiday season. To give me that warm fuzzy feeling! I figured while I was at it I’d add a little magick into it of course!

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter and matters of prosperity, luck, and expansion. The Moon moved into Aquarius and is good for making connections! And since we’re in the waxing cycle, it’s the best time in bringing things too us! Vanilla immediately came to mind, since anything vanilla reminds me of baking, but it used as a GREAT pick me up. Cinnamon can help amplify any working and is used for vitality, prosperity, protection, and psychic awareness. But you do NOT want to use cinnamon in essential oil form, as it is highly irritating to skin! Patchouli is also multi-functional and I didn’t want my scrub to be too sugary sweet, so I thought the earthiness would bring a nice undertone to the scent. Plus it’s been one of my go to scents since I was a teen, so I knew it was going to be added. Nutmeg is used for clairvoyance and divination so I figured with the Aquarius energy, I’d like to use it to “tap in” a little more! Plus, you can’t have eggnog without a little nutmeg! And eggnog’s magickal properties include fertility, new beginnings, transformation, the future, prosperity, mood boosting and about keeping traditions! So here’s how it’s made!

1 c. epsom salts
1/3 c. sugar
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
a smidge of nutmeg
1 Tbsp. olive oil
1/2 tsp. water (optional)
2 Tbsp. egg nog
7 drops vanilla essential oil
4 drops patchouli essential oil

I started by putting my epsom salt, sugar, cinnamon, and olive oil in my Ninja Master Prep (THANKS MOM!). Using it makes it a little easier since I can just use it straight from the container and not have to find something else to put it into! After pulsing that a few times and mixing it up, I’ll add a little water. I don’t like my scrubs to be super dry. I like to have a little bit of moisture, but still have it be able to retain it’s structure without breaking it down. I wouldn’t add more than a teaspoon of water though. Then add your essential oils and mix again!

By now it should have about the scent and consistency you’re looking for! But wait, where’s the eggnog!? Here’s where it get’s interesting! Pour your eggnog into your scrub, take a fork and whip it up! You don’t have to vigorously mix it, but the picture I took was the final consistency of what it should look like. Sorry it sucks, I am so not a photographer!! But lemme tell you.. this scrub feels absolutely DIVINE. Like a gritty silk pie or whipped cream! For a scrub, it works double duty and even while it’s exfoliating you’re getting a great lathering of moisture!

So if you happen to have a little bit of eggnog left over and you just can’t bring yourself to have one more cup… switch it up into a scrub and give yourself a little bit of indulgence!

If you’re looking for some good books to get started on making your own beauty products.. you know minus all the chemicals and whatnot! Here are a few I recommend checking out!

The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood

Enchantments: 200 Spells for Bath & Beauty Enhancement by Edain McCoy

Magical Aromatherapy by Scott Cunningham

Natural Beauty at Home by Janice Cox
BTW.. more good stuff will be on the way shortly!!

Have a great weekend!


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