Happily Ever After Someday

First off I have to say that I am NOT a licensed psychologist, but I most certainly deal with relationship issues on a daily basis! So when I was scrolling through my facebook feed I saw Romantic Comedies Are Ruining Your Relationship and thought I should give it a read considering romcoms are one of my favorite genres!

What had me frustrated with this article was how it said these movies “bear no resemblance to genuine human interaction.” Well, quite frankly, that’s not the truth.. because aren’t most movies/tv shows based on personal experiences from the writers point of view? Granted it is the same recycled story over and over by this time, but there IS some truth to be had from them. I’m sure I can think of any number of stories from shows that fit into my friends or families relationships! My husband and I just watched What To Expect When You’re Expecting the other day and I guess that fits into a romcom! Seeing that we just had our 4th baby in June, the days of pregnancy are not all that far behind us and we laughed at the situations in the movie we just recently had dealt with. My husband and I have been together for almost 18 years and it hasn’t been all fairy tale fun.. hell, even the D word has come up in the past! But ALL relationships take work! And it’s exceptionally important to remember that everyone is going to have their own feelings. No one is going to feel EXACTLY the same, and certainly not at the same time, for the same reasons!

Don’t get me wrong, there were some poignant parts in the article as well.. especially that people don’t change unless they really want to. But that doesn’t necessarily just apply in the relationship realm! And another GREAT article I read a few days ago called 16 Ways I Blew My Marriage came from a man’s perspective, definitely shows how men and women can process things differently!! What one person considers cheating, another may not. Even what one person considers putting in effort, another might think they’re slacking! There’s a reason why doctors use a pain scale.. so it’s obviously NOT the one that I chose for my graphic! LOL! But y’all know me to have a sense of humor! But one person’s 5 is another person’s 10! Kinda along the lines of beauty being in the eye of the beholder!

So.. do I think any man or woman should “wait around” for their love to come around? Absolutely not! But that doesn’t mean to cut them off at the knees either!! It’s all in what you would feel is right or wrong for yourself. And NO ONE can or should make those sorts of life changing decisions for you!

Of course, this is just my opinions on things! But in my own experiences in my relationships and marriage and the experiences I have with my clients.. I will say that love CAN conquer all! As I finish up writing this blog I’m watching Once Upon a Time.. coincidence; not a chance!

And as always, if you’d like a reading or you just want to get to know me more, you can send me a message at facebook or my email!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Many Blessings!!!!

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