Accept Nothing But The Best! Quality Over Quantity!

“Quality is not an act.  It is a habit.” ~Aristotle

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different outcomes.” ~Einstein

“Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.” ~Steve Jobs

This image totally had me laughing!! When I first went on a mission to find a good one there was a closet full  of shoes, which while it was great and conveyed the message well.. I thought this one was cuter! And we all know I’d much rather have something be humorous than be dull and boring! Anyways, let’s get into this post!

So, things have been rather interesting through this Mercury Retrograde period… and as it moved out of Sagittarius and back into Scorpio, I’ve noticed more of an inward reflection coming about from many people. Some of them have been good, others maybe not so much. But hey, everyone’s got their things to deal with in their own way. Which is how this post came about!!

For a while I’ve felt that I was selling myself short. Anyone that knows me well, knows that I’m not really one for confrontation. I would much rather come to a compromise.. even if it usually ends up that I’m the one compromising a little more than someone else! However, there comes a point when compromising too much ends up causing more problems than it’s worth!! Now I might be going a little off track some, but it’ll make sense.. I hope! LOL!

I’ve had clients ask me “how come you charge different amounts at different sites?!”. The reason for this is because of commission and payment structure. One site I just started with has a grace period to which they start you off at a set price and once you are past that, you can change it. It’s the cheapest at the moment.. so if you find me there; you’re definitely getting a HUGE deal! However, another site I’ve worked on for years takes HALF of my pay and they only pay once a month. Which with 4 kids, definitely takes some bill juggling to make sure things are paid on time!! Another site, I pay a smaller commission and am paid automatically, although besides their commission I end up paying fees on the payments. Sooo.. the short explanation is that I charge what I can on the sites based on what the commission is! I always try to be as fair as possible and $2.00/minute is what I charge my personal clients that are not going to these sites. The standard going rate for services within a metaphysical shop in most major cities is between $1.50 – $3.00/minute.

Ok so back to the quality over quantity… Now, on occasion I will offer my services at a discounted “special” rate. Actually I’ll be having one in the next few days for Thanksgiving! So keep your eyes peeled! However, sometimes clients take this as that I’ve now lowered my rate and they should be able to keep receiving this rate for their sessions. This unfortunately happens more times than I’d like and has led me to question whether specials are something I should offer. But my guides say yes, so I just listen! But this reliance of a discounted rate then ends up creating more of a dependency on readings and it because more of a quantity over quality situation! A client may spend more time in a session and not really being focused because they feel they are able to take more time chit chatting than if they were focused on getting to the heart of the matter. And while chit chatting is perfectly acceptable within a reading, the main focus should be getting the information that you are direly seeking! And NOT seeking it out every other day either!!! There needs to be a self-reliance on your own intuition to bring yourself closer to the Universe! If you are seeking it through others, you will only end up feeling further away when you try to figure out the “quality” of the information you are receiving!

Now.. unfortunately this brings up another point I have to make. In this day and age of “drive thru service” there has become quite the influx of spiritual and/or psychic “gurus”. I am eternally grateful that I’ve been able to study with some of the absolute best mentors. However, there are many that pick up a deck of Tarot cards or read a book, give a couple readings to themselves and friends and think, “Oh I can make money doing this”. And while I DO mentor many people that somewhat come from this train of thought, I let them know upfront that practicing in an unscrupulous way will do nothing for them in the long run. There’s a reason I’ve been able to work solely in this line of work for the last 12 years… it’s because I’m honest. Am I wrong at times? Sure. I’m only human.. I might not interpret something my guides give me in the right way or there’s always this pesky thing called free will that can change in a blink of an eye. But for the most part, I’m rather eerily accurate with things. Unfortunately though there is a lot of talk between those of us that are honest about the “sweat shop psychics” that have been popping up lately. They not only are hurting the sites that we work on, they’re hurting the whole industry with the mockery they are making of our work! I akin them to the knockoff purses.. they might look the part on the outside, but they most certainly are NOT the real deal!

To which I now need to make another extremely valid point… there is NO governing entity that will certify that someone’s training means any more than the paper it is printed on. So while there may be those out there with Master Tarot Reader certifications or whatever, they don’t mean a damn thing! In this line of work, you must be EXTREMELY diligent with your research in who you would trust to give you advice with your life choices. While I do have certifications within certain fields, I don’t feel as though they entirely convey the quality of service I strive to give! There are very good mentors that are still available and there are some that have given up because of this whole certification collecting mentality that suddenly came about. Whether or not someone has a certification is not going to help you know whether the information you receive is going to be accurate. That only comes from trusting yourself and the trust you feel from their genuineness to help you!

So I definitely want to close out this post in saying.. do your research! ANY psychic, reader, healer, or mentor should have no problems answering questions about themselves to you before you look to them for services. If they’re only out for the money.. they’re not going to have your best interests in mind and will most likely only be telling you what you want to hear! Most sites will have reviews that can somewhat give some insight into how accurate a reader may be, however, some of these reviews may also be FAKE. Word of mouth can be really great and most honest readers are more than happy to give referrals if they don’t feel they would be able to assist you. Get to really know your reader and definitely don’t put us on any sort of pedestal! We’re really no different than anyone else.. as I always say… EVERYONE IS PSYCHIC!!!

And with that I’m going to invite you to get to know me on my Facebook or at Twitter.. I gotta say I’m a lot more active on Facebook than anywhere else. But I’m trying to get back into the Twitter groove again. Along with figuring out a schedule to get some damn posts on here more regularly! LOL! So I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and if you would like a reading, healing, etc. just send me a message at my email or Facebook and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Have a blessed day!

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