30 Days To Change

When I first had the idea for this post it was mostly based off of my post 30 Days To Finding Love. That and I’ve been watching the show 30 Days on Netflix! And then today while I was outside I had a volunteer come up to the house to see if I wanted to receive my ballot in the mail, which I already have sent in my info to receive it! So, on that note… PLEASE VOTE! If you need to register to vote, it needs done ASAP as most states require you to register 30 days before the election. Current election countdown: 37 days!! I gotta be honest.. I’ve been able to vote for the last 4 elections, but when you’re young it’s not really something you think is all that important and the last election was the first I took part in… and let me say, it was TRULY empowering! So get out there and vote because your opinion matters! And it doesn’t matter if our opinions are different, everyone is entitled to make their own decisions. Which is what is really being shown on the show 30 Days! Brief summary; take one person who has an opinion and see if they can live with their opposition for 30 days. It really is VERY eye opening with some of the situations people are put in. Especially the episode where a man had lost his job being outsourced to India. If you can catch the series, definitely give it a look!

Now obviously this post isn’t going to be like my other one, but hey that’s OK! Today’s the Full Moon and lemme tell you, it seems like EVERYONE is really being affected by it’s transforming energy! I know I am and I can’t wait to see what it brings about! And really it doesn’t take 30 days to make a change… changes come about by consciously making a choice moment by moment! But within 30 days, or a moon cycle if you want to look at it that way, you really can bring about a more cohesive routine into your life! Routines and schedules are great! Everything in nature is routine. Heck, not to bring up 30 Days again, but the episode where he lived on the Native American reservation he was expected to wake up every morning for a run to greet the Sun! And in some ways there are routines that we have come to live with that we might not always enjoy; e.g. WORK! Lots of people are dissatisfied in their J.O.B.s (Just Over Broke). But there are those routines that we are able to create for ourselves that can bring about the change that we want for ourselves whether it be a better income, relationship, physique, or even state of mind!

So for 30 days, starting on October 1st.. let’s all keep a journal (mine’ll just be a notebook or maybe I’ll post some to facebook too!) and every day until October 31st when with Samhain or Halloween and the Turn of the Wheel, see what we can manifest for ourselves! Write down at least one goal – go ahead and elaborate your ideas on how you would achieve this if you want. Be able to really solidify your plan within your mind and see yourself achieving success! Also write down at least one thing you are grateful for! It’s important to reflect on the good things that are there in life and it makes it much more appreciative when success comes about.. and keeps you a little grounded! I would definitely like to see what you can create, so please feel free to send me an email or message at facebook!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! (and don’t forget to register to vote this coming week if you’re not registerd!)


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