Ask Andi Witchy Wednesday

Ok so I am totally sorry that I didn’t get this weeks Tarotscopes up!! Unfortunately I caught a lovely virus over the weekend on my laptop and my darling husband was able to get it cleaned up late last night. So I didn’t see the sense in posting the scopes when the week is 1/2 way thru.. if you’d like to know your scope, send me a quick message on fb and I can pull you an individual card to make up for it! However, I did get an awesome question for this week’s Witchy Wednesday! So here we go…

Hi Andi!
I had a question about spells. Can I recast a spell? I was working on one but
I got the feeling that I didn’t cast it right , so I was thinking to cast it again. Is it possible?

Love &Light!

Hi Morganna,
Ok.. My rule on it is, if I cast a spell once and it doesn’t work.. then something probably wasn’t done right!! But if it seems to be something more that I did to mess things up, then I might take a second shot at it! I’ll always take another look at it and see if the reason why I might have messed things up in the first place is because it just wasn’t supposed to be done! So just a whole look over of things to make sure something isn’t amiss will be really important! It’s the #1 rule before casting to make sure all the t’s are crossed and i’s dotted, but we all overlook things from time to time!! It’s also important to know that just because you WANT something to happen a certain way and do a spell, it doesn’t mean the Universe has to listen to you! It’s kinda like asking a friend for $20.. You’d like them to loan it to you, but it doesn’t mean they have to!! So.. take a look over what you are working on and see if anything needs improved. Then if you want to try and give it another shot.. go for it!! If you once again end up with the same results.. it’s definitely time to go back to the drawing board if you absolutely NEED this spell to work. Otherwise, put it on the back burner for now as it’s not the right time for it! Hope that helps ya out!!


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