*POP* Dating – How to make it work!

On a recent advertisement on TV, I heard that 1 in 5 relationships now begin from online dating! I’d have to say this is probably true as many of my clients are finding themselves online anyways, so why not look for love?! Here’s where what I call POP (or Pages of Pictures) dating comes about! It’s rather easy to look at someone’s profile on any number of dating sites, send a message and strike up some conversation. But what about when it comes to meeting?? The day in and day out situations you’ll have occurring? Sometimes even after the first meeting it can be back to the pages, sometimes forgetting any prior connections and conversations that have come about before the fated meeting! But why? What was it in the first meeting that changed things from magical to splitsville? The #1 reason why POP dating first time meetings don’t work? HONESTY! If one person is falsely representing themselves, within the first meeting, you’ll know… and why would you want to believe anything they’ve said previously!? So it’s back to the POP and back to trying to find the love you’re wanting. So how DO you manage to find someone through POP dating?

1- Make a list of what you’re really looking for… STICK TO IT!! The moment you compromise is the moment you tell the Universe that you don’t think you deserve what you really want!

2- Know that just because you “know” this person online, you don’t know how they react to situations on an ongoing basis. They might seem very easy going online, but once together you may see this in another light as possibly laziness?

3- Realize that *some* bragging or boasting will be part of things… EVERYONE does this!! I mean here we are trying to put our best out there for someone to say I’m picking YOU! So just how embellishments come with any other situation, expect it here as well!

4- Take things slowly once moving from online to off.. Let your energies get used to being around one another. Try not to allow things to slide back to being more online though as it’ll be more important to start integrating the physical reality into things.

I’m sure, of course, that sooner or later, there might just be a little too much of the POP dating and you might want to give up! That’s where I can be of help! Or any other intuitive psychic who does picture readings and/or remote viewing! If you’ve seen some of my readings at Read My Pic, you can see how easily a picture reading can be achieved! I have been able to help MANY of my clients find their true love through quite a few different online dating companies! Besides picture reading for potential mates, once a connection is established we can take it a step further by looking into astrological connections there may be before really moving any further. It definitely has been shown to help produce some more long lasting relationships and I’ve had quite a few marriages happen as well!!! So if you are finding yourself in a POP dating situation that you just can’t seem to find “The One” from, I’d be more than happy to assist you in manifesting your perfect relationship!! I wish you all the best of luck in your online dating adventures, and if you’d like some help you can always feel free to contact me at Facebook or Email.

Many Blessings!!


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