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June 7th – 13th Tarotscopes

Here is your weekly dose of Tarotscopes! And yes, I’m using the images from the Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti again, but I think next week I’m going to switch it up to another deck to keep things interesting!! I … Continue reading

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Ask Andi Witchy Wednesday

Wednesday’s are now going to be dedicated to blogging about the questions I receive! If you have a psychic, metaphysical, new age, spiritual question that you haven’t been able to find an answer to.. send it my way! Please let … Continue reading

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It IS the music that we choose!

I have always loved music! All types of music, in all different languages! Music can convey all the emotions we go through in our daily lives. Artists are known to pour all their emotions; whether they be happiness or sadness, … Continue reading

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The perfect 10!

Happy 10/10!!! Here it is a whopping.. 6 MONTHS since my last post. WHAT in the world have I been doing? Well, honestly things have not entirely changed all that much. I think that can somewhat be seen as a … Continue reading

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