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Kuan-Yin, Goddess of Compassion Giclee Poster Print, 18x24Wednesday’s are now going to be dedicated to blogging about the questions I receive! If you have a psychic, metaphysical, new age, spiritual question that you haven’t been able to find an answer to.. send it my way! Please let me know beforehand, if you DO NOT want your question published to the blog. If I do choose your question, you’ll know anyways!! It may be easiest to contact me through Facebook, but I do check my emails regularly throughout the day. So without any further ado…

Dear Andi,
I’m a 24 year old Pagan and due to the economy, I’m moving back in with my mother and sister. They somewhat know of my beliefs and don’t entirely know what to think about them. I want to be respectful of their home, but I’m not sure how to bring up my practices with them! Please help!!!

Love and Light,

This is something that can come about in soooo many ways! Dorm roommates in college is definitely one I see quite a bit. If you have your own room, it’s not so bad because at least you can shut the door!! But if there’s someone else you share a room with, leaving your athame or tarot cards out on your altar, or even dresser, might not be ideal! You will need to discuss what is the most pressing issues.

If they don’t want you doing rituals.. you’ll either need to explain it’s more like a prayer and even offer to show what it is you’ll be doing beforehand. If it’s still a question on whether or not it’s ok, ask if it would be better if it were done when she or your sister weren’t home. IF, it’s a flat out NOT IN MY HOUSE type of thing.. you’ll need to respect that and will maybe need to find somewhere else to practice. Remember, the influence of others in your environment can greatly affect things! If your more faced with a don’t ask, don’t tell situation; that’s really up to you in whether or not you want to open that can! 😉 You’ll need to trust the bond you have with your family in knowing what they can handle.

If it’s more about the tarot cards or “tools”, and it’s just because they’re out.. put them away! In the extreme circumstance that your family is fighting you every step of the way and it’s something to them they’re staunchly against, you may need to find somewhere to safely store your items until you have your own home again. There is no need to create an all out spirituality battle between your family!

You are going to be re-merging your energy back into a household you haven’t been in for a while. And remember, for a time, this will be YOUR home too! You need to make sure you’re comfortable as well. If everyone is walking on egg shells, the whole family home environment will suffer. As always with everything; communication is key!!

I hope this may help anyone out there that might be faced with a similar situation! I’ve been in a few myself and there’s many, many ways to keep things in balance for all involved! If you need some more suggestions, feel free to contact me!

Many Blessings & have a Witchy Wednesday! 🙂

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