It IS the music that we choose!

I have always loved music! All types of music, in all different languages! Music can convey all the emotions we go through in our daily lives. Artists are known to pour all their emotions; whether they be happiness or sadness, into their music. And that music can leave you singing “all you need is love” or “before he cheats”. I know that my high school days of breaking up usually was spent with a week listening to The Cure in my headphones, some ice cream, and my journal. When I got more into the rave scene; the music is what brought us together and developed the PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) feeling! Generally I still gravitate towards this music!! I’m a little bit of a procrastinator at times and generally a little laid back, so I can use the beats!!! I’m sure many of us remember the feeling of giving someone a mix tape.. or maybe cd, these days! But we always picked the songs so carefully, making sure that we put the most perfect songs on it! Most important days can usually be remembered in many ways and music seems to make it’s way into those days!

When we listen to music it can affect us in many ways depending on the type of music! Music with a strong repetitive beat can focus concentration and energize us, while a slower tempo brings about a more peaceful, meditative state. The change in brain wave activity also helps the brain to function more properly. With brainwaves changing, other bodily functions naturally respond as well with breathing and heart rate. With these few changes within the brain and automatic system we also get an increase in oxygen to the body!

So with this being said I am going to post some of my favorite music!! I’m sure there is some awfully random stuff on here! I may get around to organizing it. 😉


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