Mercury in Gemini

mercury-satelliteMercury is one happy camper after last month’s retrograde and now while in it’s ruling sign, clear, perceptive thinking and communication is happening more easily. You’ll have to utilize this energy quickly since it only lasts from the 12th until June 29th! With things coming along more rationally, try not to lose sight of the little things that are sentimental and meaningful to the bigger picture. Curiosity is intensified and will be HIGHLY stimulating during this time; thoughts, speech, images; don’t avoid what’s different to keep yourself at a distance to observe rather than participate. Step out of the safety zone that Mercury in Taurus had you in and give yourself some more breathing room to experiment with what can work for you!

You’ll still need to make some tough decisions on where to put your time and efforts or it might just all get scattered to the wind without any real substance. Originality is key to making sure that your message is heard, but if you come across inauthentic then all meaning gets lost along with the trust! Manipulation will be blindingly obvious, so there won’t be any faking it til you make it for anyone! Staying quiet in order to keep the peace only results in confrontation at a later time. Being open and radically honest in your communication can bring about more change and understanding than you thought was possible. Be yourself and you’ll have the right people having your back in times of need.

While the first week of Mercury moving into Gemini is rather quiet transit wise, things will start to pick up on the 20th when it starts reminding that there’s still real work to be done and not just a bunch of wishful thinking! Harness the energy and do it, to it!

-June 20th-
Mercury square Neptune: Confusion of purpose could lead to neglecting responsibilities. Idealization of outcomes might lead to being lost in fantasy. Come back to Earth! Complete  honesty needed at this time. No sneaky actions go unnoticed!

Mercury opposition Saturn: Serious or critical thoughts bring about a lack of compassion. Longing for a place in the world gives focus to isolation or loneliness. Mentally taxed by fleeting thoughts of the past. Interruptions bring frustration in believing in outcome.

-June 22nd-
Mercury square Jupiter: Finding it hard to say no results in some poor judgment. Big plans arising could result with sloppy execution. Arrogance brings no relief and expectations need to be flexible. Easier to be lazy today and remember to relax and enjoy the smaller victories!

-June 26th-
Mercury sextile Uranus: Technology can be a benefit or bane. Excitement to break routine and try new things. New experiences lead to discoveries of reworking habits to tackle old issues in new ways. Ingenuity combines with intuition.

-June 29th-
Mercury enters Cancer: Coming soon! 😉

Hopefully this zippy transit gives you the energy needed to bring about clarity and keep things inspirationally motivating! If you’re curious as to how you’ll be more personally affected by what’s happening in the skies, feel free to send me a message at Facebook or email and we can take a look at how to best work the energy to your needs!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!



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