New Moon in Gemini

New Moon’s are always a time of new beginnings and the cycle of the energy that builds from one New Moon to the next helps to paint a picture of what is possible to manifest and I think this gorgeous watercolor looked rather fitting for the energy of the upcoming Gemini New Moon on June 4th!

While this Gemini/Sagittarius axis culminates at the Sagittarius Full Moon at the Summer Solstice, right now is at a focal “center point” of the Gemini energy. This Sabian Symbol deals with so much persistence and being able to benefit from what’s right in front of us.

“Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.” ~Aristotle

So while this is a lunar “start”, it is also a time when things are at a solar middle ground for what you have available to utilize. But this New Moon also faces a challenging t-square configurations between Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune!

Expect for knowledge to gained and lessons to be learned through relating to others this New Moon rather than experiencing it from past repetitive practices, though repetition will still make an impact. Practice makes perfect! Someone will need to lead and someone will follow, but a greater perspective will be gained through sharing and staying persistent in bringing about new ways of doing things. Be clever in your approach to difficulty and see the humor when things may go amiss or when toes get stepped on, but there’s also some lessons to be learned in the distraction and it’ll bring you closer to being on the same page with others. You might find yourself relying on your intuition to read between the lines. This is a potent time of letting go of ego and working together to solidify common goals for what lies ahead in the future! Release the fears and dance into the exhilaration that life will bring!


Aries – The Moon in your 3rd house, Gemini’s ruling house, brings you a boost of confidence that you can make things different if you put in the effort. But your ruler Mars is retrograde in your 8th house of regeneration and has you a little hesitant that it’s going to be worth it. You’ll have to start somewhere though if you’re going to get anywhere. Let go of insecurities and blaze yourself a trail of happiness!

THEME SONG: Jurassic 5 – Jurass Finish First

Taurus – As the New Moon glides through your 2nd house, your thoughts of self-worth lead you wondering and worrying about what you can accomplish and bring about. Keep it simple and focus on the skills that have built your foundation! There’s no shame in asking for help if you need it or aren’t understanding the next steps you’re needing to take. You only have to prove to yourself what you’re capable of, no one else.

THEME SONG: Craig David – Rise & Fall

Gemini – It’s your Moon! And if you’re experiencing rapid changes of thoughts and emotions; shake it off and start again. While you’re not at a loss of words, not everyone shares your viewpoint and it could make you a little restless if you feel you’re needing to prove a point. Stay true to yourself even if it’s feeling as though you’re not fitting others mold. It’s not your fault if they can’t keep up with your sharp wit!

THEME SONG: Taylor Swift – Shake it Off

Cancer – Being ruled by the Moon, this one gracing your 12th house of unconsciousness has you running on auto-pilot! That’s not to say things can’t be exceptional, but your awareness comes from the tidal give and take and ingenuity will need to come about from your own hard work. Even if others have you wanting to retreat into your shell, you’re still able to make time to transcend any negativity to feel a connection with all.

THEME SONG: Muse – Sunburn

Leo – This Moon is stirring things up in your 11th house of hopes and dreams leading you to wonder if you’re stuck in a mode of wishful thinking or actually believing you’re creating your reality. Don’t rush through things even if you think you have it all figured out as things are going to be very mercurial and rather capricious at times! Acknowledge the journey you’re on and those around that make it the most enjoyable!

THEME SONG: First Aid Kit – The Lion’s Roar

Virgo – If you’re questioning who you’re meant to be, with the Moon in your 10th house of reputation, you might find yourself feeling stuck in meeting the expectations of others. Intimidation usually doesn’t leave you distressed, but it could be as though you’re feeling in the wrong for a change. Try not to get stuck in senseless tunnel vision and look to someone else that can help guide you from your understanding and widen your viewpoint.

THEME SONG: Cake – The Distance

Libra – You’re really about to live your intentions with the Moon in your 9th house of ideals! Your ruling planet Venus is also square to Jupiter giving you deeper insight to see things through with the motivation that started when the Sun moved into Gemini. Now that the Moon is lending it’s emotional strength, you’ll have the comfort in knowing your choices are best for you and there’s no guilt in living life the happiest you know is possible! Let your positive inspiration spread!

THEME SONG: Lady Gaga – Born This Way

Scorpio – The change you’ve been wanting is more easily able to come about with the Moon in your 8th house of transformation. But don’t be resistant if it seems to be coming about in a way you weren’t envisioning. You can’t have a fire without something to burn! Let go a little of control and delve into new streams of consciousness and the more you embrace what seems unusual, the more you will see a metamorphosis happen within and outside yourself!

THEME SONG: Evanescence – Bring Me To Life

Sagittarius – You might be questioning what others bring to your life and what you give in return with the Moon in your 7th house of relationships. Especially with both the Sun and Moon also making a square to your ruler Jupiter in your 10th house of authority! But don’t be too upset if you feel things aren’t measuring up to others connections. Everyone needs to make their own decisions in the options they’re given.

THEME SONG: Tegan and Sara Ft. The Lonely Island – Everything Is Awesome

Capricorn – This Gemini New Moon in your 6th house of habits opposing your ruler Saturn in your 12th house of undoing has everything getting a shakedown, shaken up, and generally just stirred into chaos! But before you throw your hands up in despair, give yourself the chance to regain your footing and actually breathe. You’ll be able to breathe some new life into your daily routines if you remember the reason why you started doing them in the first place!

THEME SONG: Carrie Underwood – Something in the Water

Aquarius – You’ll find it easier to identify with others with the Moon in your 5th house of self-expression. Positivity is coloring things like a kaleidoscope on multiple levels and you’ll need to be aware that others might not be seeing or understanding things in the same way that you’re trying to express. While you might not take it personally, you might not be taken all that seriously either. This still won’t distract you from showing others the spice of life!

THEME SONG: Blue Swede – Hooked On A Feeling

Pisces – Things may seem unsettled with the Moon in your 4th house of tradition and you want to feel as though you have more support and security. Just watch that you don’t become too attached to the idea of what could be rather than what is. Building stronger foundations with others could seem daunting, but it’s still important to continue nurturing yourself and others if you’re going to see things grow into the genuine connection you’re looking for.

THEME SONG: Rachel Platten – Fight Song


I hope everyone enjoys the tunes and that the New Moon cycle treats you fantastic and helps open up experiences that will help break down barriers to more understanding and realization of what is capable through combined talents! If you have any questions regarding how the planets are affecting you personally, you can reach me at facebook or email!

Many Blessings!!

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