Neptune Retrograde

excalibur-neptuneThe yearly cycle of Neptune turning retrograde is upon us early next week on the 13th and this one could really stir up some indecisiveness regarding boundaries! But let’s take a quick jaunt back to when Neptune entered Pisces in April 2011 and we were given an optimistic glimpse of what was to come; but maybe what was forgotten at that time was just how deep Pisces in the mighty Ruler of the Sea can be! And then when Neptune retrograded back into Aquarius in November that year, we were being reminded that we were going to need to set aside differences to unite and work together.

Last year on November 26th, the first of three squares of Saturn in Sagittarius to Neptune began; “A Girl Blowing a Bugle” and while the U.N. Climate Talks at the time may have been a wake-up call to protect Mother Nature and what is vital for everyone, there is a woman that’s been blowing quite the bugle right now! Hillary Clinton announced her presidential campaign a few months earlier in April 2015 as Mars made a sextile to Neptune, bringing some decisive action to dream big as the first female President! And then what else had happened in November? Oh, only the Democratic debates! See how things are lining up here?!

So while Neptune usually spends around half the year moving forward, there’s still a good chunk retrograding, leaving aspirations to be reviewed with new revelations and redemption continually happening. Sacrifices being made will need to be done without egotistical agendas, otherwise the burden becomes to great to bare with an overwhelming breakdown. But a fine balance between the reality vs. the illusions of situations could lead to less reliance on there being hope for change and falling back into destructive habits! Stay with the trust in your intuition and there’ll be an evolution in where the potential is being seen, sought out, and then implemented when it’s been reliable through and through.

Now with Neptune turning retrograde at 13° Pisces, and the second square occurring with Saturn a few days later on the 17th; the Sabian Symbol “A Sword in a Museum” expresses the remnants that remain from battle. While the sword can be used in creating destruction or as defense, the consequences encountered were different for every side involved. We can also be reminded that “The pen is mightier than the sword.” at this time when we’re hoping that truth will prevail through uncertainties with swift justice. It’s going to be important not to get too caught up in any collective drama or spontaneity to forcibly change the perspectives that have been in place. Though it may feel like you’re trying to please everyone in not creating waves by pulling Excalibur from the stone, your willpower is just as strong as anyone else! Share the knowledge and understanding with others and draw upon the strength from the past in the times of turmoil by remembering that learning from the struggle and continuing to apply those lessons was just as important as going through it!

While Neptune can take it’s time to bring the understanding through the undercurrents to the surface, we’re able plan for what’s motivating us while continually being inspired. Don’t forget, it sometimes important to come up for air though! So if you have any questions regarding how Neptune could be affecting you or how you can slay your dragons, you can reach me at facebook or email!

Many Blessings!!

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