99 Days Marked Off the Calendar on the Wall.. 99 Days Marked Off..


Where did the time go?!

Can you believe we’re 100 days into 2015?!? I know.. it feels like just yesterday we were celebrating New Years, and some of my friends up north are even sharing some pictures of SNOW today!! OMG, no thanks! But actually for some of you reading this, it might still be the 99th day (April 9th). Either way, we’re coming up close to 1/3rd of the year being done! Which, if you look at the math, it ends up being pretty much on May Day! What a good day to break out the mead for a celebration if you’ve been able to manage some good things for yourself, eh?!

Now, if you’ve been feeling a little bit more of a struggle throughout the months and need a starting point for the next 100 days coming up… You’re in luck! If you plan to start from April 10th, you’re looking at July 19th for your end date. But if you’re still in the planning stages and not quite ready to heave ho with things and want to start working on your goals from May 1st; August 9th will be the finish line! The main thing is to remember, that if you’ve needed the inspiration or motivation to move ahead, YOU CAN DO IT!!!


That video always reminds me of the power someone has to change their life when they put their heart, mind, and soul to it! No matter how many times I see it being shared, it truly is exemplary of how determination and drive can see you through!

If you’d like to have some others join in on your 100 Day Challenge, you might want to try Give it 100! Or even just check out some of the uplifting videos being posting! 100 Happy Days is also a cute photo challenge and after posting with the hashtag #100HappyDays, you can receive a little set of square prints! Those are just two of the many challenges that are available and a little Google searching can bring just about any challenge imaginable! You just have to ask yourself where you see yourself going and what you want to accomplish within the next 100 days and take the next steps needed on your path. I like this quote from the late, great Terry Pratchett, who had passed away last month.


I do have to say that sometimes looking for the next step can lead me to being a little too Type A, so I try to remember..

However, I have decided to join in on a 30 day photo challenge on May 1st!! I just haven’t figured out which one to go with yet, so if anyone has any suggestions on any good ones to check out or if you’ve preferred one over another, please feel free to send them my way! But I’ll make sure to update ahead of time if anyone wants to join in too once I figure it out!

I hope everyone enjoys this upcoming weekend and you’ll reflect on the last 100 days that began your 2015 and will think about the next ones that will be soon on their way. I can’t wait to see what continues to manifest for everyone this BEAUTIFUL year!

Many Blessings!

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