Positively Manifesting

The last couple days have been rather enlightening.. First we had the Blue Moon; which also brought me my lunar return the day before. Jupiter squared Uranus yesterday, shaking things up a little more. And then today we have the Sun moving into Virgo and tomorrow Mercury follows behind. As I sat here wondering what I felt like blogging about while I was looking into some manifesting books someone had recommended, I suddenly had my word of the day pop up… at 1:11 pm. Now, I take prompts from the Universe pretty seriously. So the word that pops up is quincunx. WTH right?! I mean really, why would that be a word that should pop up for the word of the day? Of course I’m familiar with it; a quincunx is 150 degree angle between planets also known as the inconjunct. With this aspect comes a sense of destiny with also a need of adjustment. Which is making sense with what I’m feeling.. HELLO, I was looking at manifesting books! So I pull up my chart and see what transits are happening and what do I get? Well tomorrow I have Venus quincunx Chiron and then on Sunday, Venus quincunx my midheaven.  Destined career changes? You betcha. At least I like to think so. How? I’m working that out as I type away furiously! And while that’s fine and good for me and what’s been on my mind for the last few weeks, what about you all?!

So I got to thinking, “geez this week sure seems like it’s been one of those for most people”. Everyone seems to be wanting a change.. some of it might come about a little more easily and some of it will need to be calculated. We can’t just run amok expecting things to fall in our laps without putting in the effort that’s needed. The easy things we can get out of the way.. maybe it’s more that we just finally accept what needs to happen and are willing to suck it up and get ‘er done!! The harder things, we’re figuring them out as we can. And that’s ok! We don’t have to get caught in the struggle. if we take a deep breath and realize that we need to get out of our own way and let things happen when they can; and stay proactive in just moving forward.

I say this after a good portion of the day has now passed away, I’ve gotten QUITE a bit accomplished in the last couple hours; even took a short break from this post, and got quite a few readings taken care of as well. And you know what? I told myself earlier “I want to meet a double quota today, I WILL meet a double quota today!” and I’m soooo close, I don’t even have to question that it’ll happen! Although my fingers are starting to feel like they’re becoming a little numb from all this typing and writing! But I had my time to mull things over and now it’s on to manifest some more! Just being able to accept this to come about, while doing my part, further brought me to the realization that I was already at the right decision when I started this post a couple hours back! Whilst I was looking at some different things, I did end up stumbling upon the little gem I posted at the beginning of this post that could help with your own manifesting!

If you’re feeling “stuck”, just pick one thing that you know needs your focus and what you want to manifest. If it’s you want to manifest $100, say “$100 will come my way”. If you want to make sure you work out for the day, “I will take 45 minutes for my well-being and health”. Whatever it is that you may need to bring in, OWN what it is that you want to achieve.. don’t just make it wishful thinking. As one part in the video says “Expectation is a powerful attractive force, expect the things you want, and don’t expect the things you don’t want.” Have a real desire and passion behind the want and need! That’s when the magick happens!

I hope everyone’s been enjoying their week so far! The weekend is almost here! I’m thinking it’s time to manifest some fun!

Many Blessings,

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