Awesome and Not.. Tarot Apps!

Career reading from Tarot Sampler app

For a while now I’ve ventured into Tarot apps off and on on my iphone and ipad… They’re kinda on the same level of “real books” vs. ebooks for me. It’s not exactly the same feeling as flipping through pages and it’s certainly not the same as shuffling a deck! But oh the convenience!! I figured since I’ve actually found a couple that I like, I’d pass them on in case you’ve been wondering if there’s some good ones but haven’t had time to really use them or if you’ve just held back on trying them out because you didn’t think you could get that same connection. The more I end up using the apps, the more I actually like them! I know there’s NO WAY they will replace a deck for me.. it’s the same way with books which is why I almost always buy the hard copy first before I’ll buy the e-book. Even though I’m sure my husband is more than happy that he won’t be needing to move my book collection again! But anyways, here’s some really good and some not so great Tarot apps I’ve been able to find!

Tarot Sampler by The Fool’s Dog, LLC (FREE) – This is an AWESOME app! And it’s free!!! The graphics are really nice, there’s 19 built in layouts, you can customize the settings for if you just want to use the Major Arcana or if you want to include reversals or not. There’s a journal to keep track of your readings and also a sharing feature as well! You can NOT go wrong with this one!!!

Phuture by Phuture Me Ltd. (FREE) – Yet another free app that packs a punch! This one also does numerology as well! There’s well over 30 spreads available on this one, also has the journal available to save your readings, and even links to sites for additional card meanings. There is an in app purchase available to speak with readers, but everything thing else in the app is completely free!

Tarot Pro by Nuclear Elements ($3.99) – I don’t mind this one.. It is a little more simplistic and there’s also Tarot ($2.99) and Tarot for ipad ($3.99) available too. But it seems to fall short a little in comparison to other apps.

Tarot Holic by Da Som Jeon ($1.99) – This one is really pretty! And even though there are only 6 spreads available, it does tend to be rather accurate! The card interpretations are very well done.

Mystic Dreamer Tarot by Garlic Software LLC ($2.99) – These cards are absolutely stunning!! This one is somewhat simplistic as well, but it really does the job!! The interpretations are totally spot on and it continues to give good reads time after time!

Beautiful Tarot HD by Jonathan Miller ($3.99) – LOVE this one too! The features are really well thought out and you can do quite a bit with it. It features 9 spreads or the ability to arrange your own, you can customize the interpretations and a little bit with the cards themselves! Definitely a good one to check out!

Tarot Classic by Nimble Phonics ($2.99) – This one kinda has to go on my don’t bother list. But if you really want you can check out the free version Tarot Classic Lite. It doesn’t have all that much to offer!

Astrolis Horoscopes & Tarot by Astrolis (FREE) – Kinda a 2 for 1 with this app! It doesn’t have much to offer in the way of doing spreads, there’s only a daily 3 card spread available. But it is accurate and the horoscopes are VERY nicely done! You can’t save the readings, but you can share them. Being free and the information it provides, it’s not a bad one to have for just a more personal glance over!

TarotPac Cards HD by Tobytek ($2.99) – If you’re like me you’ll want to check out the FREE version first! This one is nicely put together. Again not too many spreads with it, but it is a pretty nice app!

So there you have some options for some Tarot apps! There’s a LOT more that are available and many that are deck specific, but it’s all going to be a matter of choice in what you want to work with. I do also have some Tarot apps on my Kindle; so I’ll revisit this post at another time when I can organize those ones and include them as well for Android versions! I have some other good suggestions for Astrology, Feng Shui, and other metaphysical apps too so I’ll get crackin on trying to get a more thorough post together for all your app needs!! If there’s an app you find handy or useful, please feel free to leave a comment!

Happy Monday!

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