S&P: Synchronicity & Perseverance!

No, not Standard & Poor.. but Synchronicity and Perseverance! Today I was hit with a LOT of synchronicity (actually it’s been the last few days!).. and the last one happened just as I uploaded this pic which was even funnier and gave me pause for another smile!!!

I am a total Star Wars nerd. If you didn’t already know that, you do now. I’m actually a pretty big sci-fi geek in general and just bought my son the first 3 Dragonlance novels for his birthday since he’s so into Skyrim and they had been one of my favorite series back in the day! Anyways, I’m getting off track! (that seems to happen often! LOL!)

So along with my synchronicity showing up through number prompts; I also happened upon this Japanese proverb earlier, “石の上にも三年.” which says “Ishi no ue nimo san-nen.”. In English “Even the coldest rock will get warm if sat on for three years.” and basically translates to perseverance wins out in the end! I had to sit for a second and let it sink in.. trying is great and all, and for the most part it IS “doing”. But I also noticed over the last couple days that I’ve been hearing a lot of “Well if xyz happens than xyz will be easier/better/xyz”. You can inset xyz in any way! Like “If I lose 10 lbs. than I will be happier and have more confidence.” or “If he calls me than he must care and want to get back together.”. And that very well could be the case with things, OR it might not be. So that also got me to thinking that DOING needs to be more of the focus rather than just TRYING. Or even allowing others to do what YOU want to have happen. Which brought me back to another post that I had about Minding Your Thoughts. Because you can say that you might TRY to get something done, but in a way you’re giving yourself permission to not follow through!!! And THAT is where perseverance starts to suffer!

If you want something to happen, DON’T wait for the perfect time. There isn’t one. The perfect time is when it happens! And that could be in 5 minutes or 5 years. That’s your choice to make too! If you’re waiting for someone else to make something happen for YOU, DON’T. Because if it doesn’t happen, you have an excuse that it didn’t happen because of them. And that can cause resentment when there doesn’t need to be any. Take the responsibility on yourself to make things within your life exactly as you want. And don’t get me wrong, there are circumstances with everything. But unless you actually put in the effort to see if what you want can happen, you can’t be upset when they don’t manifest!

I hope this might actually give someone the jumpstart that they need to put something in motion that they’ve been waiting for!! Because there isn’t any better time than NOW to get going!!!

If there’s something you would like me to take a look at for you with a reading so you can get some better clarity within a situation, feel free to send me a message on facebook or email and I’ll be happy to help!

Have an awesome weekend!

P.S. Yesterday’s post was my 100th blog post!!!! YIPPEE!!!!! And I hadn’t even noticed until just now! 🙂

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