Being Wrong.. Is Alright!

After I finished my readings last night and wanted to relax, I decided to zone into some TED videos and stumbled upon this little gem. And honestly it’s been a while since I blogged something other than Tarotscopes so I was glad to have gotten some more inspiration for this blog!

Now you may be saying “Uh oh, Andi was wrong about something.”, which I haven’t been lately… but it DOES happen on occasion! In fact, after watching this video I had that feeling of “hmmmm, I’ve been pretty dead on with things lately, hope I don’t stumble soon!”. And then I had to backup for a minute. Because that’s the whole theme of this video!!! That it’s OK to be wrong. It’s what makes us human. And that’s exactly my point. I am human just like everyone else. I’m going to be wrong sometimes. And like the video says; we’ve become accustomed to demanding nothing but the best in our lives… for complete perfection, and if we end up with anything less, than somehow we have failed or done things wrong.

But that’s not the case! We can strive for the best that we want to achieve, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll reach it for any number of reasons. We can be too caught up in how we perceive things, and by “we” I mean me or you. The WE should be more of an I. Because your perception of one situation will be different that the perception of someone else. What may be absolutely devastating to you could be a minor speed bump to someone else. A lot of the time I will be asked “Should I move on?”. And my answer is always the same.. “I can’t tell you to move on. That is going to be your choice in how and what you can deal with in the situation.”. Everyone has different levels of how they are going to handle things. Everyone has different emotions and reactions. That’s to say that my “wrong” could be someone else’s “right”.

We’ve become too hard on ourselves and on others. When people don’t meet our expectations (or demands!) we feel they are wrong. We feel we’ve been wrong to trust them!! But it doesn’t mean that we or they have been wrong at all! Just that our perception wasn’t what we were expecting! So that just means that we have to readjust and keep moving forward. Because life doesn’t stop just because something has created a roadblock, it just means there’s been a detour. It doesn’t mean things are right or wrong. It just means IT JUST IS.

Of course, this was just my perception and yours may be different! So I encourage you to watch the video, it’s a little under 18 minutes so it won’t take much time! And please leave me some comments about what you think!

Have an awesome day!

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