Updated Retainer Packages!!


A retainer is a fee paid in advance for services! Retainers are paid monthly and based on an estimate of the amount of work to be done for the client each month. By pre-paying for services in advance, a discount is also given on the services!! Here’s how it works:

We’ll say Tammy picks retainer package #2. She received two 60 minute readings the first week and a Reiki healing. Week 2 she opts for two 30 minute readings and 3 mini readings. Week 3 she has two more 30 minute readings. At Week 4 she has a Reiki healing and a 15 minute reading.. now at this point, she has only $10 left.. but because of the pre-payment she’ll also receive a 30 minute session at MORE than 1/2 off to make up the remaining balance and she’ll save $50!!!!

Retainer packages are GREAT for clients that know they will need ongoing services and can be completely customized to their needs!! I only take so many clients on retainer so as to make sure there’s enough time for the clients that DO utilize this service as well as the other clients I help daily. For information on retainer  pricing and the services I currently offer, please check the Services Available page! If you have ANY questions feel free to send me an email or quick IM through Digsby on the right hand side of the page!


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