Celebrate Ostara

Happy Ostara (also Eostara, Eostre) or also known as the Spring/Vernal Equinox! It is celebrated when night and day are in perfect balance. That is, they are the same amount of hours. At this time we are inviting the fertility of the Earth to awaken. So, it is also the first day of Spring!!! Which believe me, after being in FL for a few years and experiencing Winter again, I’m MORE than happy Spring has sprung! Now is the time to consider what goals or wishes you would like to achieve that you will nurture for the next few months to blossom and grow!

With my last Celebrate Ostara post, I talked about gardening and how I bless my seeds for the upcoming growing season. This time, I’m going to focus more on manifesting goals! Now is the perfect time for achieving new or uncompleted goals, wishes and dreams! No more excuses for why you may be hindering your growth! In a sense you will be blooming yourself! 🙂

With many of my spells I like to work with candles. Candle flames are seen on all astral levels and can carry your workings out into these planes. The flames can also be a representation of the growing sunlight as well as your goals being achieved! There is an old wives tale of burning green candles at the Equinox to bring in financial prosperity, but this of course could also be used for any manifestation by substituting another candle color; pink for love, purple for spirituality/psychic abilities, etc. You can find more information on my post Manifesting with Candle Magick.

First steps:
I begin by cleansing my home and self by lighting a sage stick. Then I will bless my candles to be used. If I’m using oils on them, I will “dress” them and inscribe any symbols I would like them to have, then will hold them in my hands and focus my intent into them, following up with infusing them with Reiki energy as well. If I’m making incense, I will gather all the ingredients and will bless them and leave them on my altar. Because I am such a visual person, when I manifest, I like to have a list to focus on as well. Sometimes I’ll make it super pretty with Photoshop and other times I’ll just use a piece of paper and doodle my own designs on it to spiffy it up, and still other times I will make a wish board with pictures of what I’d like to manifest! The main purpose to any spell work or energy work is to make it work for YOU and the best way you can feel your energy pouring into it!

Next steps:
Set everything up!! You’ll want your space to look pretty! Especially if you would like to do the working more than once. Usually I can find some pretty good flowers at Walmart or the grocery store that’ll make the altar look nice! Set up the candles, and incense if you’re using it.

Begin the work:
Depending on your beliefs, you may or may not cast a circle to work within. Either way if you do or don’t, take a moment to center your thoughts and do a light meditation to get yourself ready for the work. After, you may want to call in some deities if you work with them, but if not, you can just start with the manifesting! Light your incense and candles and begin stating your affirmations you would like to manifest. Here are a few examples!

I choose my happiness and eliminate negative thoughts that keep me from my goals.
I trust the Universe and what I need or want is always taken care of.
I completely accept myself and others as unique beings.

I give thanks for my substantial increase in my finances.
I trust that I have far more than what I feel is needed coming my way.
My work is deeply fulfilling and I will receive the income I need.

I am open to giving and receiving love.
I am worthy to be loved and will share my love of life with others.
The love I have been looking for has been present all along.

My body and mind are happy and healthy.
My body is receiving the proper care that it requires.
I am healthy and strong and love my body.

Now, these are just some examples and I’m sure there are far more available on the internet with a quick Google search of “affirmations” or you will be able to come up with some that are just as effective! Besides writing or chanting your desires you just need to relax, keep positive and allow time for the ritual to work it’s magick for you!

There are many ways to celebrate this wonderful holiday! If you need any help personalizing your spiritual path, feel free to send me a message at my email or facebook and I’d be more than happy to help you!!

May you have a Blessed Ostara!


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