Working with Animal Spirit Guides

Working with your animal spirits or totems doesn’t need to be tough! You probably are already, in some sort of capacity, connecting with your animal energies. These animal spirits aid us on our path of self discovery and teach us about life and the world as we perceive it! The life of a cheetah will not be the same as the life of a bumblebee!! But both are equally as important.

Animal spirits can often be revealed in our dreams, and also by meditation. At this time it is important to pay attention to any information the animal passes on. Also keeping in mind the scenario being presented as well and if or how it pertains to life situations. Animals are instinctive. So they will react to their situations very differently than humans!

You may want to start keeping a journal or devote a section in a notebook or your Book of Shadows (BOS) on your animal guides. You guides, for the most part, are with you for life and RARELY change. There are secondary guides that may come and go, but you have 9 primary animal totems that are a part of you from the beginning!

Things you will want to keep track of:

○ What sort of animal was it? Did it fly or swim? Does it have fur or scales?
○ Did the animal act naturally or directly with you? Did the animal interact with other animals or humans? Were the same types of animals interacting?
○ Were you in the animals natural environment or another?

You may also want to take a look at a few other ways animals impact you:

○ Favorite childhood and current pets. Animals you seem to naturally connect with.
○ Animals you do not like, negative associations you have with them. (ex. snakes are “slimy”)
○ Any animals you seem to notice on a regular basis; what do you feel they are trying to
tell you, do they appear at certain times?

The 9 animal totems

The Eastern Guide:
This Animal guides you to your highest Spiritual challenges. Assists in your learning, ascension and illumination.

The Western Guide:
This Animal guides you to your inner being, your emotional self. Aids in opening 3rd eye and shows true path to goals.

The Southern Guide:
This Animal guides you with your trust and humility. Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally, Physically & Financially will help keep you balanced when faced with aversion.

The Northern Guide:
This Animal guides your inner wisdom. Karmic right and wrong. Reminds you to be grateful and for the blessings you have daily.

The Guide Above:
This Animal teaches you to honor the Universe. The guardian of Dreams, also guides you to other dimensions.

The Guide Below:
This Animal guides you to be in touch with Mother Earth. Guidance with staying grounded and on your path.

The Guide Within:
This Animal guides you to manifest your desire and stay true to yourself. Creates with your experiences. Protector of your sacred space.

The Right and the Left Guide animals are always with you.
Some people already know who these animals are, or who at least one of them will be.

The Right Guide:
This Animal is your male/father side, the protector and instills courage, spirit and strength within you.

The Left Guide:
This Animal is your female/mother side and teaches you to take care of yourself and all others. Help and receive abundance. Emotional relationships and mothering.

Common Animal Guides

Earth Animals
Antelope: The Power of Action
Armadillo: The Power of Boundaries
Badger: The Power of Aggression
Bear: The Power of Introspection
Beaver: The Power of Unity
Buffalo: The Great Spirit
Cat: The Power of Skill
Cow: The Power of Fertility
Coyote: The Great Trickster
Deer: The Gentleness of Spirit
Dog: The Power of Loyalty
Elephant: The Power of Patience
Elk: Brotherhood and Sisterhood
Ferret: The Power of Investigation
Fox: The Power of the Unseen
Goat: The Power of Independence
Hedgehog: The Power of Defense
Horse: The Gift of Power
Lion: The Power of Pride
Lynx: The Keeper of Secrets
Monkey: Power of Ingenuity
Moose: The Power of the Elders
Mountain Lion: The Power of Leadership
Mouse: The Power of Scrutiny
Opossum: The Power of Diversion
Otter: The Power of Women
Porcupine: The Power of Innocence
Rabbit: The Power of Intuition
Raccoon: The Power of Creativity
Ram: The Power of Confidence; also Sacrifice.
Rat: The Power of Prosperity
Skunk: The Power of Respect
Snake: The Power of Creation
Squirrel: The Gatherer
Tiger: The Power of Courage
Weasel: The Power of Observation
Wolf: The Power of the Teacher

Water Animals
Beaver: The Power of Unity
Dolphin: Sacred Breath of Life
Fish: The Power of Harmony
Frog: The Power of Water
Lizard: The Power of Dreams
Turtle: The Great Mother
Whale: The Record Keeper

Air Animals
Bat: The Power of Rebirth
Crane: The Power of Longevity
Crow: Keeper of Sacred Law
Dove: The Peace Keeper
Eagle: The Power of the Great Spirit
Falcon: The Power of Healing
Grouse: The Sacred Spiral
Hawk: Messenger of the Gods
Hummingbird: The Power of Joy
Magpie: The Power of Prophecy
Nightingale: Power of Inspiration
Owl: The Power of Illumination
Peacock: The Power of Dignity
Raven: The Power of Magick
Robin: The Power of Birth
Sparrow: The Power of Love
Swan: The Power of Grace
Turkey: The Power of Blessings
Vulture: The Cycle of Life
Woodpecker: The Power of Warnings

Ant: The Power of Stamina
Bees: The Power of Concentration
Butterfly: The Power of Transformation
Dragonfly: The Art of Illusion
Firefly: The Power of Light
Spider: Weaver of Fate

That is just a very small number of the animals we share our Universe with. But their guidance and wisdom and help us through our own lives in very special ways!

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If you have any other questions or if you would like to receive an Animal Spirit Guide Reading, (only $30!) please contact me at either my email, facebook, or through Digsby on the right hand side of the page for quick access!

Many Blessings!

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