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Celebrate Litha – Life, Love & Happiness!

The Summer Solstice marks the Sun’s movement into Cancer at the height of summertime and a time for celebrating our abundance and happiness in life! Summer as a kid always meant being happy to be out of school and running … Continue reading

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Celebrate Beltane ~ Awaken to Life!

With Ostara we celebrated the Earth welcoming spring time and the start of longer days. Now at Beltane, last of the three spring festivals and also the second major festival opposite to Samhain (Halloween), things are amping up to really … Continue reading

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Celebrate Ostara

Ostara (also Eostara, Eostre) or the Spring/Vernal Equinox is celebrated when night and day are in perfect balance. That is, they are the same amount of hours. At this time we are inviting the fertility of the Earth to awaken. … Continue reading

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