Celebrate Beltane ~ Awaken to Life!

With Ostara we celebrated the Earth welcoming spring time and the start of longer days. Now at Beltane, last of the three spring festivals and also the second major festival opposite to Samhain (Halloween), things are amping up to really be invigorating! This is when life is moving into high gear! Beltane is also one of the fire festivals, which is why we see the bonfire in symbolism. Long ago it was more associated towards blessing the livestock. If you had also made your “karmic list” at Ostara, now is the time to burn it!

For a more family oriented activity, you might want to have friends and family over for a cookout! Include a bountiful, fresh salad and also luscious fruits. Enjoy some s’mores if you’re able to have a little bonfire! All sweets are associated with Beltane. You can also splurge a little on some flowers to color things up. Get a few different types; I know my local grocery stores sometimes offers 3 for $10, and make up little arrangements to give to your guests! If a May Pole is feasible, give it a go! It’s a lot of fun and does look rather pretty! It doesn’t specifically need to be seen just as a fertility symbol, as the dance itself could be for general luck and prosperity.

Now let’s face it.. we all know Beltane is also the most sexually amp’d up holiday too! It is definitely more well known as being a fertility festival and of a time when magick is done if one wants to conceive! This is very much in tune with the Earth and keeping the tribe going. You can also enjoy a bonfire, if possible, and sip some sweet wine or mead. S’mores are also a bonus! Traditionally, you’re supposed to jump OVER the bonfire, but probably NOT the best thing to do in front of the kids! This is THE night for “uniting” and enjoying all the vitality, passion, and pleasures it brings.

There are PLENTY of Beltane rituals online, so I won’t post my version to go with the rest of them. Really though, just take a look at a few and pull something together that’s more YOU. If you’re looking for something a little more low-key, mid afternoon type of thing before the night gets kicked up; you might want to try The Chocolate Ritual. I haven’t known one person to NOT enjoy that one!

And finally, as the opposite of Samhain, this is yet another time when the veil is thin. Now is the time to get in touch with the Faery folk. It’s very customary at Beltane to place a saucer of milk and honey and offerings of fruits and nuts for the Fey to receive their blessings! I found Lady of the Earth to have an extensive amount of information on Faeries! There is also some great recipes on Herbal Musings; I’ve made a similar one to the fried honey cakes, but they were called faery cakes! 🙂

Beltane is one of my favorite holidays because it’s just a time when everything feels so alive and revitalized! It’s a time to be passionate about where life is taking you!!

I can be reached for life awakening readings at LivePerson and email or facebook. If you’d like any further information on personalizing your spiritual path, or maybe a fertility spell, you can send me a message at my email or facebook.

Have a Bright, Blessed Beltane!!!


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