It’s not unusual…

For me to be a little late! Although the eclipse most definitely helped to turn into a little bit of a DNA genealogical adventure the last few days with all the new Ancestry kits being processed from Xmas… but, I’ll need to save THAT for later.

It’s also not unusual to find an unusual name within your family tree! Sometimes we even bless our children with a not so common name; my 18 year old daughter’s name is Porcelain. Me and my husband did take quite a bit of crapola from some people, but it didn’t stop us from naming her what we wanted! Plus I guess it buffered things for when we named our one son, Soren. But for this week’s #52ancestors, instead of focusing on just one individual, I think I’m going to list my top 5! So.. here we gooooooo!

#1 – Mindwell Strong (1742-1812)
While not MY relative.. Mindwell Strong is my husband’s 5th Great-Grandmother. Taken from Ancestry’s LifeStory; “When Mindwell Strong was born on July 28, 1742, in Torrington, Connecticut, her father, Jacob, was 38, and her mother, Mindwell, was 28. She married Samuel Everett on May 27, 1762, in her hometown. They had four children in 12 years. She died on December 6, 1812, in Granville, Ohio, at the age of 70.” Yay for the Connecticut, Town Marriage Records, pre-1870 (Barbour Collection) in helping to make the connections!!! Their son Samuel Everett Jr. is my husband’s 4th Great Grandfather, he married Agnes Buttles on May 24, 1771, in Granby, Connecticut. They had eight children in 15 years. Their daughter, and Mindwell’s Granddaughter; Mila Everett, the lovely lady pictured above, is his 3rd Great-Grandmother. And she’ll lead us into the 2nd unusual name.. since she married him!

#2- Shubael Marchant Pease (1791-1861)
One of my husband’s 3rd Great-Grandfather’s… because you know, we all have 32 of ’em! I’ve been able to tentatively locate 29 of them. Some of them are definitely more documented than others. I think that smirk Shubael has, goes along nicely! Their daughter married Jacob Hochstetler. And while I didn’t include her on the list; her name was Hilpah.

#3- Experience Sweeting (1695-1729)
Now we’re jumping over to my side! Say hello to my 8th Great-Grandmother! This is one of those lines where I’m incredibly grateful to all the extended cousins who have worked on this line before me! There are quite a few documents on Ancestry.. I have yet to get them all linked up, but I have been trying to focus on more of the recent lines before jumping back to some of the further ones. Most of the information I found for this connection came from John Cary: The Plymouth Pilgrim. While not THE John Cary, he’s a couple more generations back.. Experience Sweeting’s husband, John Cary, was born in 1690 in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. They had at least three sons and two daughters between 1718 and 1729. It appears that Experience died April 7th, 1729, a few weeks after giving birth to Beriah Cary. John Cary married three more times before passing away the 12th of October, 1770.

#4- Merlin Edward Cisler (1909-1981)
Merlin was my 1st cousin, twice removed. How can you NOT like a name like Merlin?! I first mentioned the Cisler family with my first post for 52 Ancestors with my Great-Grandparents, Sarah Edwards and Nathan Cisler; Merlin was their Grandson. Merlin’s parents were, John Harold Cisler and Vera Adenia Karcher. This picture has Merlin, in the hat, and my Great-Uncle; Herbert Edward McKnight.

#5- Americus Graham (1853-1937)
Americus Graham was the husband of my 3rd Great-Aunt, Sarah Margaret Duvall. While Find-A-Grave has four of the children linked, according to my tree, it appears they would have had nine. Looks like I’ll need to delve into this line a little more and figure out just how many there were since I have some census records, but I shouldn’t have a problem finding more documentation!

So there ya have it! My top 5 names from the family tree! I thought it might be good to link to Find-A-Grave for others that might be researching, but I might switch it up to linking in WikiTree instead… I do need to get back to cleaning up the tree on there now that I’m done with classes. Especially since it looks like some others have been working on some lines that were a little frustrating and I left alone. I definitely recommend taking part of some of the challenges on WikiTree! They’re a TON of fun! Any questions or comments? Shoot me an email!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and has a fabulous week!

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