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img_1274It’s been a while!! And there’s been a LOT that’s snowballed.. For one, I have a 15 year old that’s already in college now! EEEeeekk!! But super exciting things have happened, and I just can’t foresee them not continuing. WHERE to even start?!

Soooo.. incredibly long story, short; a while back I was working on a project having to do with meditation, energy work/Reiki, and karmic connections. And while the  metaphysical realm has been my primary business for the last 18 years; for the last couple of years, I’ve also been working on family trees and helping adoptees, and non-adoptees, track down family. Genealogy always been an interest of mine since I love history and hearing of people’s stories and experiences! Mix in the witchy-ness of ancestral gratitude and BAM! It’s just another one of those things that brings about connection. But maybe I’m just weird… And lemme tell ya, there’s absolutely some interesting characters in both mine and my husband’s families.. past and present! But, we all have them.

And then, after getting my DNA test done back in 2017, there had DEFINITELY been some interesting experiences to say the least! Both spiritually and with connecting with new people I would have never known I was related to! Things really started getting pretty interesting once I had the brilliant idea to start comparing the astrological side of things to the events that seemed to be re-occurring within different family lines. And really, that lead me to wanting to study the more academic side of genealogy. I’ve taken plenty of classes for astrology, tarot, reiki, etc., why not look into getting certified in genealogy?!

So… last year I enrolled in the Boston University Certificate Program in Genealogical Research. It. Was. GRUELING. I’m pretty sure it was about 5-6 weeks in I sobbed to my husband, “WHAT THE F#@K WAS I THINKING?!”. At the end, I passed with a B! There definitely were plenty of tears shed, but persistence pays/paid off! I haven’t applied for certification yet, but I’m taking a minor break and gathering info so that I can within the next few months.

Ok, let me pause right here real quick to say; I’m TOTALLY blaming this on transiting Saturn (5H- creative, fun) making a trine to Mars (1H- self, personality) that happened from February to November for me; and it had also made a trine to Chiron (9H- multigenerational, higher education) from March to December. Pretty much the timing of when I made the decision, enrolled, and finished. Yep, me and Saturn are close friends…

Wait a sec Andi.. Is there going to be GENEALOGY stuff that you’re posting?! Yes. But don’t worry, the witchy metaphysical stuff will be here too! ESPECIALLY some karmic work! Because if there’s something I’ve definitely noticed within the last 2 years it’s many people wondering just who they really are… This is also the reason for the site name change too. It’s the most simplistic way I describe myself when I think of my BEing! And it’ll make more sense as things go along.. maybe!? LOL! Anyways, I think that’s a long enough rambling to what’s been up! And while I might be a couple days behind, here we are with the FIRST of posts for #52ancestors…

Family of Edward C. .jpgI’d like to introduce you to my Great-great Grandmother; Sarah Edwards Cisler… and as you can see in the picture, her parents and siblings! So actually, you’re getting to meet a whole family. But, Sarah is the one were gonna focus on! She was born on the Edwards farm close to Rinard Mills, Ohio; on January 1st, 1853,  and passed away at the age of 68, on May 18th, 1921.

Education seems to be rather important within the family; Sarah received a school education and at the age of 16 had become a teacher and taught three terms. With her being a Capricorn Sun, with a Virgo Moon, it’s understandable to see how she would accomplish this! At the age of 23, on October 28th, 1875, she married Nathan Cisler and over the course of 18 years they had 9 children. I’d mention which child I’m related to… but that might spoil some fun later!

One of the reasons I wanted to start with her was because they’re the first one’s I started with because they’re my Grandmother’s family and she is the one that originally had me interested in genealogy when I was younger and her family had already done quite a bit of the research, pre-internet days. Sarah, would have been my Grandma’s Grandma.. and I wonder if they were able to spend time together as much as I had with my Grandparents? I also feel lucky and grateful that I’m able to see a picture of my 3x Great-Grandparents!!! I mean, c’mon they were born in 1826 and 1828! That’s getting close to 200 years ago! I thought it was incredibly fortuitous that Sarah was born on January 1st. But another thing with her.. beside being a teacher, she was a writer and poet as well. Is she the only one within the family? Nope, obviously. But I can definitely see where I have acquired some of my interests now!!

Here is some of the poetry Sarah had written when her parents had passed on, that came from her diary, and was shared by a cousin on Ancestry.

poetry by sarah edwards

In following back on the Edwards line, I have two more generations within the same area that I’ve been able to place. My 4th Great-Grandfather, Edward Edwards, not Sarah’s father above in the picture, but HIS father; was born the 5th of November, 1790, in Maryland; and passed away at the age of 36, on March 13, 1827, in Washington County, Ohio. Unfortunately for my 3rd Great-Grandfather, Sarah’s father; his father’s death occurred only a few months after he was born.

I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into some of my ancestors. And while I have offered insights of the stars and future for many years; it’s now the time to blend it together more with remembrance of roots and experience from the past! As always, I’m open to receiving your email for any questions or comments!

Many Blessings!

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