Full Moon in Pisces ~ Harvest Moon

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The Pisces Full Moon came about early this morning and the energy sure seems to be a ZINGER! Reality seems to be setting in, but it’s a good thing too. Let’s not forget Pluto the planet of endings is going direct tomorrow! Saturn makes a sextile to Pluto on Saturday and we’ll be feeling a little resistance or hesitation in our changes. And with the Autumn Equinox coming about on Sunday with the Sun moving into Libra — it’s ALL about balance! If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere then you’re having the Spring Equinox, and new beginnings coming to you! Actually, there’s new beginnings either way… I had the thought earlier that “everything is temporary”, and then I though HOLY CRAP that is just what this Full Moon is telling me!

I hadn’t been as chatty in the last few days.. the week didn’t start the easiest, and by this time it’s almost a blur! Let me just say; department of motor vehicles! My husband and son are going out of town for a few days. My daughter’s take home EEG now looks like it will end up being a hospital stay. And then my chihuahua who hasn’t had a seizure in years suddenly decides he’s going to have one. It had me feeling a little stressed and down and out. Like everything was just piling up. Then today it hit me like a ton of bricks…

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Yep, I’d fallen into the trap of feeling like life was just soooo complicated! Ummm… did I forget we just bought a house in June? That was some stress! LOL! And even when our daughter had been diagnosed with LKS years ago; THAT was extremely stressful! And then just like that, with realizing I was further than where I was and everything is temporary; things turned around! The stress I was carrying melted away, I dusted my hands off and realized that the path keeps on going.

Throughout the Moon’s cycles, there is a death and rebirth happening. During this Full Moon we are heightened with the Pisces/Virgo energy. Being in Pisces we might be putting too much focus on our burdens. We may be feeling like we are needing to sacrifice something to get to our happiness. We need to remember the compassion and fluidity of Pisces! The Virgo energy of the Sun, is pushing for the final distance, to have us do more before it moves into harmonizing Libra. It’s best to take this time to let go of feeling like we are inadequate in some way. Put your attentions on being grateful for how far you’ve come from last year. If things are seeming like they aren’t quite as good as they were last year, remember — it’s temporary! You may be at a high or a low, or maybe even a steady plateau, but like always, things will end and begin and you’ll be able to put the experiences into perspective.

So take this time to slow down a little! Grab yourself a nice cup of tea, coffee, or maybe a glass of wine and take a moment to reflect on what you’ve been able to accomplish. Be proud of what you’ve done!! Let go of the things that aren’t helping you meet your goals. Even if that means you gotta step out of your own way! And allow yourself to know that you do have the ability to move yourself even further than where you’ve previously been. DREAM BIG! You may be surprised at what you’ll be able to create! Be grateful for where you are at in this moment, where you’ve been, and think about what you wish to manifest for your future!

I hope this Full Moon brings you closer to your dreams and more creativity and confidence! If you would like me take a look at what you can expect over the next moon cycle, take a look at my services page or send me a message at my email or facebook and I’d be happy to assist you!

Have a fabulous day!

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