Mars in Leo and the Miley Cyrus VMA performance

And the debates keep on about Miley Cyrus’ risque behavior. I can’t say as I wasn’t really expecting anything different! I mean I fully remember watching Madonna’s performance of “Like a Virgin” and maybe dry humping a stage is a little more tame these days; but then a few years later we had Britney, Christina, and Madonna kissing one another, and now everyone’s a twitter about Miley shaking her lack of junk in a man’s crotch among the other lewd gestures she made. Oh the day’s of Hannah Montana are fading fast. But it was all for the entertainment. Maybe it just wasn’t GOOD entertainment! Then I remembered Mars was moving into pretentious Leo. Let’s not just look at the positive sides of Leo, shall we? Besides being confident, creative, and sincere; Leos can be overly dramatic, selfish, stubborn, and self-centered. It’s like her song says “It’s my mouth I can say what I want to”. And THEN, I looked at Miley’s chart and saw that she was having her Mars return!! But rather than delve into what a Mars return is, I’ll save that for another post; for Miley this movement of Mars into Leo brings it into her 9th house of understanding and also media information. Which she’s definitely getting a lot of publicity! Natally her Mars is in her Cancer 8th house of transformation, and she might have been playing it a little safe. But now it looks like all bets are off and she’ll be living out loud!

Mars brings about our passions for our ambitions and in courageous Leo we’ll be able to step outside our comfort zone a little! It gives us some time to take care of our to do list and have a sense of pride in what we accomplish until October 15th when Mars moves into Virgo and we look at things more practically and put ourselves through our own critique. Mars squares Saturn on September 9th and we’ll need to stay on task and try not to get in our own way. Even if it means we can’t have something NOW. Mars will try to push us forward while Saturn has a double and triple checking our judgement and faith. Later that week on the 14th as Mars trines Uranus, which might lead to a break away from any insecurities that could be around.We’ll be able to pursue things with a new outlook and will be able to take more risks! Leo wants us to feel we can do it and have it all; Saturn is going to remind us to be focused while Uranus will give us the creative willpower to be who we are! We may just be able to have some sort of reawakening of ourselves to live, love, and create!

Things can be pretty dynamic while Mars is in Leo! Personally I’ll have Mars conjunct Venus on September 10th and then my Ascendant on the 27th and I’ll be manifesting my butt off while Mars is in Leo.. literally too because I need to get back into my regular workout routine and stop being so sporadic with it! Of course Mars’ transit through Leo will all affect us differently, so if you have your chart find which house Leo sits in and how this might bring about some powerful changes for you. If you need your chart you can pop over to and enter in your birth info and it’ll generate your chart for you! Then you can just google search “mars leo transit + your house #” and you should get some good information. Cafe Astrology is a great source! Of course, you can always contact me at facebook or email if you’d like me to take a look at your chart as well or if you are needing some help finding more of the info yourself! I’ll be glad to help! 🙂

Have a fabulous day and Many Blessings!

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