Learning Tarot: Picking a deck to work with!

Some of my random decks!

So you’ve decided you want to learn to read Tarot! Good for you!! And maybe you’ve already bought a deck and tried giving it a go and thought “gee, I thought it might have been a little easier” or “something doesn’t seem quite right”. This could be for a number of reasons though.. but rather than get into every single what-ifs, let’s just focus on what if it’s not the right deck for you? Some decks are a little more visually intensive than others and some extremely minimalistic. But when starting out, you’ll want to find something that really speaks to you but doesn’t overwhelm (or even underwhelm) you! That is going to be the main reason why you stick or don’t stick with learning Tarot. It won’t be having to learn what the cards mean, that just comes from practice! But it’s more the way that the cards tell you things; and tell you them accurately!

When I began reading cards, I actually didn’t start with Tarot but with a regular playing deck. Yes, you CAN use a regular deck of cards for divination but it’s not the same as Tarot.. similar, but not the same! But since there’s only 52 cards in a playing deck and 78 cards in Tarot, kinda understandable! There’s also “oracle cards” which are a little more simpler to use, but we’ll save those for another post! My first deck I bought was the standard Rider-Waite Tarot. It just seemed like the right choice since it’s what I had become accustomed to seeing other people use and it’s what usually ends up being used in most Tarot books, unless you buy a deck that has it’s own book. It did it’s job, I learned the Tarot; but until I bought the Robin Wood deck, I didn’t know what I was missing out on!!! Granted, they are very similar considering the Robin Wood deck is based of the Rider-Waite, but the images just seemed to grab my attention more. And then I ended up using it for years and years while the Rider-Waite sat in a drawer. Of course I picked up new decks over the years.. obviously. My favorite decks are the Witches Tarot, Gilded Tarot, Legacy of the Divine Tarot, and Druidcraft Tarot. But anytime I’ve needed an UBER steady reliable deck, it was always my Robin Wood. I’m pretty sure I have used the images from the Robin Wood a few times for Tarotscopes, and I have been using the Radiant Rider-Waite recently.

So if you’re ready to jump in and buy your first deck, or are feeling that you need something different from what you have; go over to Aeclectic Tarot and browse through the decks and see what gives you good vibes and see if you can find some reviews on the deck. I’m sure you’ll generate a list of a couple dozen!! LOL! So here’s a few recommendations I have for decks!

Quick and Easy Tarot – This one is great if you haven’t learned any of the keywords and you need a little bit of an interpretation on the card itself. I kinda see this one as a “cheater” card.. but not everyone learns the same way so it might be beneficial if you feel like you need more help.

Morgan Greer Tarot – A borderless deck and a lot of readers will actually trim down the borders on their other cards for more of this style! It makes the images seem a little bigger when there’s no border, but this deck also seems like it’s been “zoomed in” on.

Gilded Tarot – One of the most absolutely stunning decks! This one can be a little visually intense, but it is also used in Easy Tarot: Learn to Read the Cards Once and For All!

Angel Tarot Cards – If you connect with angels, you’ll LOVE this deck! You can also read about my review of this deck here.

Animals Divine Tarot – If animals are more what speaks to you, this could really be a great deck to use. However, they do seem to delve a little more into some mythological undertones so this may be confusing if you don’t know the associated stories.

Tarot of the Sweet Twilight – This deck is a little unusual… like acid trip unusual. LOL! But it does convey the messages in a lovely way! If you find other decks a little too dull, or froo froo, this could do the trick!

Cat’s Eye Tarot – You may just be a crazy cat lady if you have this deck! ๐Ÿ˜‰ But seriously, this is a FABULOUS deck if you love cats. The images really make a lot of sense to the interpretations so they are easy to follow. This is my 13 year old’s favorite deck!

Robin Wood Tarot – Of course I’m going to have to recommend this one!! Even if it seems a little simplistic, time and time again I’ve had people say they get the BEST readings from it! There is Paganism imagery in this deck so if that is something you are concerned with, this might not be the deck for you.

Wildwood Tarot – I like this one for the feelings and emotions that are shown throughout the illustrations! The Druidcraft Tarot was also done by the same illustrator!

Sacred Circle Tarot – This deck has photography blended in with the illustrations.. I think this might actually be one of the first decks to do it that I can remember. And it does make the images pop a little more! This deck also has a more Paganism too it as well.

Legacy of the Divine Tarot -Somewhat similar to the Gilded Tarot, but is definitely just as stunning if not more so!!

Witches Tarot – HANDS DOWN this has been my absolute favorite deck since it came out last year! I had meant to write a review on it, but just hadn’t got to it.. maybe I’ll have to go work on that now! ๐Ÿ˜‰ The artwork is just amazing.. for me anyways! Like I said, the deck has to speak to you!!!

So there you have it! Some decks to check out if you’ve been wondering what might even be some good options. And alright, yeah I didn’t get to this week’s Tarotscopes.. I unfortunately had to nurse a kitty cat back to health so things had been pretty crazy this last week. Plus it was my daughter’s birthday this week, so yeah….. what can ya do sometimes?! :sigh: But if you’re looking for something specific in a deck, shoot me an email or a message on facebook and I’ll see if I can point ya in the right direction!

Hope y’all are having an awesome week! The weekend is almost here!!!

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