Celebrate Beltane ~ Time to Revitalize!

Beltane Fire Dancers

If you saw my last post about Beltane, you’ll know it’s one of my favorite holidays!! And you might be thinking, “Wait a sec, wasn’t Beltane on May 1st?”. Actually, no. While that is May Day, Beltane technically doesn’t happen until the Sun reaches 15 degrees Taurus which happens on May 5th.. and is also Cinco De Mayo! Talk about a good day to party!!!! And that’s one of the main things with Beltane, it really is a time to come together for some fun! If you do a google search and look at the images, you’ll definitely see some fun happening; though if you are offended with nudity, you might want to make sure you have a safe search in place!!!

Beltane is opposite of Samhain (Halloween) so while we in the Northern Hemisphere are reveling in the coming summer months, those in the Southern Hemisphere are getting ready to settle into the coming Winter. At Samhain the veil to the other side is thin and respect is given to the deceased, with Beltane the veil to the faery world is thin and their playful energy reminds us not to take things so seriously! Which is on reason why Beltane gives way to some hedonistic and pleasurable activities! The May Pole is traditionally seen as a phallic symbol to bring about fertility, but fertility does not limit itself to just creating life and can also be used for increasing creativity and prosperity!

Now, I know not everyone is Pagan or Wiccan and therefore won’t be partaking in an actual ritual in the same ways. But allowing yourself to enjoy the energy that comes from this time can come in more conventional ways! Take some time to enjoy a bonfire with family and friends and discuss what you have planned to “create” in the next coming months. If you’re a crafter, you can set up a day for scrapbooking, soap or candle making, or any other projects that you could share with others! JUST HAVE FUN!!

But, if you would like to celebrate Beltane in a more magickal way, here is a VERY simple Beltane Celebration from Llewellyn’s website.

I usually like to include something in my sabbat posts from my own personal Book of Shadows, and I took some great thought about what I wanted to focus on after looking at where things are at with the Moon’s energy. And I gotta say, I thought I might need to maybe take a different approach to things. Especially after a lot of the readings I’ve been having lately seem to have a different focus to them.

Not everyone is going to be in a blissfully happy relationship at this time… in fact, there might need to be some healing that needs to be done. Beltane is also a time of health and healing. It doesn’t necessarily need to be physical; it can span mentally, emotionally, or even spiritually. Because we are in a waning phase, it’s not the time to do magick to bring something to us. It’s better to “shed” at this time. And because the Moon will be in Pisces for a good part of the day until it moves into Aries, the energy will be focused more in compassion and healing! Because this is somewhat candle related, you might want to take a look at my post about Manifesting with Candle Magick to put some extra energy into things! So, here’s a spell to help mend a broken heart.


✪ Spell to Heal a Broken Heart ✪
Items Needed: Some paper and a pen; a small, heat-proof cauldron, bowl, or pot (you’ll be burning paper!!); a white candle; a bowl of water (water from a natural spring, blessed water, or naturally collected rainwater is ideal; but if those aren’t available, just add a teaspoon of salt to your tap water to counterbalance the chemicals); and at least one of the following flowers; carnation, daisy, geranium, and/or rose . For the tea you will be making you need hot water; an apple; a cinnamon stick if possible; at least one of these healing herbs; bay, lemon balm, peppermint, thyme, and/or cinnamon if you didn’t have the stick available, and some honey if you’d like to flavor it. You may want to sit and hold your herbs, flowers, pen, and paper in your hands and/or bless your water that will be used for a few moments to infuse the items with your energy and intention!!

To set up your work space: Put the unlit white candle, to the left. Set the bowl of water on the right and snip the flower heads off the stems and place them in the water. Set your paper burning pot in the center, but towards the back so the three items create a triangle. Place the paper and pen in front of you.

To make your healing tea: Bring water to a boil and toss in 1/4 apple, 1 cinnamon stick and a pinch of your healing herbs. Let it sit for a moment, pour into your mug and add the honey if needed.

Start the spell by lighting the candle. Think about the things that are making you upset, and begin writing what’s in your heart. Don’t hold back! Get out the anger, pain, and frustration and whatever comes up. This can be highly emotionally cleansing, so if you start to cry, let it all out!! Use as much paper as you need until nothing more comes about. You can just write, make a letter or letters to someone, make a list, use random words/feelings and even drawing and doodling, of whatever is bothering you!

When you feel you have put everything down, fold up the paper and hold it in the candle flame. Once it is burning throw it into the heat-proof pot or cauldron. Watch it burn, and feel the release of the negative emotions that are making things stressful and hard to heal and move on from!

Sit and breathe a while, maybe even listen to some light meditative and uplifting music. You should feel somewhat drained from this purging of negativity.

Place your hands in the bowl of water. Allow the soothing energy to come into you. Cleanse your hands from the negative emotions that were being written down and wipe your face with the water to give you a feeling of being refreshed.

Now drink your tea and feel yourself being filled with healing and peaceful energy. Take a few more deep breaths and KNOW it is done.

Dispose the paper ashes in the dirt somewhere, the further from your house, the better! Pour the flower water on top of it and ask for the healing to happen for those involved as well.

You should now be feeling relieved!! Take it easy for the rest of the day or go enjoy some splurging on yourself!!


I hope this holiday blesses you with a positive transformation! And if you would like me to personalize some spellwork for you or you would like to have a healing session, take a look at my services page or send me a message at my email or facebook and I’d be happy to assist you!

Many Blessings!!

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