Freebie Friday!! 3 Card Daily Tarot Journal Page

Well, I missed Tarotscopes this week. But I’m pretty sure I had announced that I wouldn’t be posting them on Twitter or Facebook, since I had so much going on! Actually… we have a bid in on a house!!!!! So I’m SUPER excited that we might finally have our own home.. for good. Or at least for a couple years since they say the first house you buy won’t be your last. But we’re hoping that it is because it’s absolutely PERFECT! We shall see! Either way, it’ll happen if it’s supposed to. Now… I at least wanted to get this out to everyone as well! A FREEBIE! This is another spread that I like to use daily to take a look at what the day will bring. And that’s usually how I word my intention with the spread!

The first card is the focus on the day. If it is a Pentacle, maybe this would be business or home related. If it is Cups; emotional or relationships. Wands can be creativity or communication and Swords may be a challenge or resistance to change. The way you interpret your cards is up to you of course!

The second card is the way you emotionally handle the day and how you’ll feel about the way the day progresses.

The last card is how the day unfolds in the physical; what and how to expect things to happen!

I made two variations for this as well. The first one allows for a card sticker to be pasted; stay posted as I’m in the process of making that available!! The second one allows for you to either paste a sticker or draw your own card in the spot! I’ve also made these pages in the same jpg, pdf, and docx formats for easy download! So, enjoy this new journal page! There’ll be more on the way soon and hopefully when the site gets re-vamped I’ll have a whole section devoted to downloads!

Version one pdf and doc
Version two pdf and doc

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and if you celebrate Easter, have a wonderful Easter Sunday!

Many Blessings!

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