February 11th – 17th Tarotscopes

Valentine’s Day Butter Cookies
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So this upcoming week is one that stands out for me… in many ways! I definitely tend to be a little busier than usual at this time. But it really has it’s pluses and minuses. And rather than get too much into my take on love and relationships, because I tend to do that a lot anyways, and I’m sure it would go on and on; I would like to actually get to the Tarotscopes at some point! So I thought I would share this recipe for these super cute butter cookies! I ♥ butter cookies!!! I was definitely happy to find a new one to try, especially since it calls for raspberry extract. I usually use THIS one which calls for orange juice and I think that’s what makes them so good, so I’m excited to see how the raspberry extract turns out!

While my husband does the cooking in the household, I’m the one that does the baking! Maybe it’s my sweet tooth, or maybe it’s because I like how baking is more exact and he’s definitely a lot better with winging it! Which is one thing with our relationship that makes it work as long as it has; we’re coming up on 18 years this year!! We both have our strengths and weaknesses with things but we really are able to work together to maintain a balance. Oh snap, I thought I wasn’t going to get too much into relationships stuff.. but how can I help it with this lovey dovey holiday coming up?! A lot of the time I hear things like “How come I can’t have him/her just do X?” or “Why don’t they just see or understand things like I do?”. And very simply, it’s because everyone has their own thoughts and feelings about how to go about or approach things. You can NOT change a person who doesn’t want to change, and you shouldn’t feel that way about someone you really love anyways. You accept them wholeheartedly! But I’m already working on a post about this very subject, so before I get into it too much and make this intro any longer; enjoy some butter cookies and here’s this coming week’s Tarotscopes!!



Three of Pentacles

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)- With so much emphasis currently in your 12th house of enlightenment, you could be waiting for some information to make a decision. And while you aren’t sure if you should be happy about it or fear it, it is going to have you taking a new direction! Whether it’s what you were expecting or you’re needing to readjust, you are seeing that everything takes time and practice before you’re really a master at something. You can’t be #1 without putting in your dues! Keep yourself positively motivated this week and let any negativity come and go. You don’t need to break yourself down to only build yourself up again.

The Empress

Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20)- Something seems to be a little amiss in your life. With your ruling planet Venus in your 10th house a lot of attention is being put on your career. But you might be more caught up in what is going on in your home or family life! If you feel like you are relying on someone else too much to carry things, open up about your concerns. Alternatively, if you’re feeling under appreciated, it’s really important to discuss those feelings too so resentment doesn’t come about! While this week may be a little back and forth emotionally, you’ll be able to make things more stable if you take a more tender approach.

Seven of Swords

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)- As much as you’d like a break from things, you just can’t seem to get it this week! With your ruling planet Mercury in your 10th house of career, you’re feeling like you have way too much on your plate. And you’re not willing to trust others to take some of the load of your shoulders! If you really need to go at it alone, divvy it up to either knocking out the most important things first, or do the easiest first. If you try to do it all at once, you’ll end up missing out on some crucial information which will leave you more frustrated or even having you looking unreliable!

Two of Wands

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)- Last week gave you caution to pause and this week you’re seeing the options before you as being vast! ANYTHING can happen! And with being an emotional water sign, it’s important to remember to stay fluid and change with your situations. Although you can sometimes move in a more sideways direction, just remember you still reach your destination even if the path isn’t the straightest! Try to keep your anxiety in check and don’t go changing your plans entirely just yet. Even if things need to be re-worked a little, your original plan will be able to manifest if given the time to do so!

The Fool

Leo (July 23 – Aug 22)- You’re definitely letting the past go this week! And you won’t be feeling as if you need the approval of others as the Sun finishes out it’s time in your 7th house of partnerships before it changes sign on the 18th. Be ready to take things to a new level and understand that you are in charge of your happiness! Though things won’t be changing all that much on the “outside”, you’re able to feel an immense change within yourself that has you more positive and feeling you’re able to get the results you’ve been waiting for. What you choose to focus on will become what is!

Three of Wands Reversed

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sept 22)- That pesky shadow period of Mercury retrograde must be getting to you already! If you’re feeling like you’re not ready to make any changes, don’t! This week you’ll just be questioning if it’s really worth it. If you’re going to have these doubts already, you’re not ready to put in the effort to make things succeed which will only result in a failure. That will only end up creating even more problems in the long run if you aren’t able to have the faith in yourself! You do need to realize that what you’re looking to change won’t be instantaneous and will take real work. Hang in there!

Queen of Cups Reversed

Libra (Sept 23 – Oct 22)- Last week’s Queen had your focus on more outward appearances and this week has it more inward, and still somewhat outward. Since your ruling planet Venus is still in your 5th house of fun and romance; this time you’ll need to make sure you’re not conforming your feelings or that you’re giving in to any sort of peer pressure. If you’re not being true to yourself others are going to see right through it and it’ll leave everyone feeling annoyed! Allow yourself to open up about what you really think and feel and maybe even get an opinion from someone you really trust if you want to see another side of things.

Nine of Cups Reversed

Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 22)- You might have received the “lucky” card last week, but with the “wish” card reversed this week; it seems like you need to really take a look at what you truly want. Your perception could be a little askew! Ask yourself if you’re being self-centered with things? Are you trying to run away from a problem or situation thinking that if you could just start over that things would end up being better? Sometimes starting over can be a good thing, but other times it can just bring you back to the same place and a cycle begins. Look for the signs that are delaying you for good reason!

Ace of Cups

Sagittarius (Nov 23 – Dec 21)- It looks like after last week’s drama you’ve really been able to come full circle with what your ruling planet has been telling you! You might be feeling renewed emotionally and you’re finally able to match your heart with what your head has been telling you. This Valentine’s Day could even be the best you’ve ever had, and you’re usually not one for the mushy stuff! However you can be sentimental in the way that you find connections in things that you love. You’ll really be able to see how much you are loved and appreciated when you open up your heart!

The Devil

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)- Oh Capricorn’s what is this mess you’ve gotten in to?! And with your ruling planet turning retrograde next week, you need to take this time to listen to your intuition before things really start going in slow motion! It’ll be important to just LET GO in a way too! As much as you would like to have some control in the situation, sometimes you can put too much restraint on things to where you aren’t able to accept what’s really going on. If you really want things to get better, you’re going to need to give in and go with the flow.

Two of Pentacles

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)- You could be feeling like you’re losing some ground this week. And with the Sun finishing out it’s time in your sign, you’ll need to make sure you’re not taking on too much if they payout isn’t worth it in the long run. It might be tough to know where your focus is at, but you know you’ll need to let things run their course so you can make a final decision. Once the balance is back in place you’ll be able to move forward. Just don’t let yourself become discouraged and you’ll be able to find the happiness you’re looking for.

The Hanged Man

Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)- Before the Sun moves into your sign next week joining your modern ruling planet Neptune, you’ll feel this week slowing down. With your traditional ruling planet Jupiter in your 4th house of stability, you’re ready to really figure out what it is you need to put your focus into to bring about the transformation that will have you grateful to the sacrifices you’ve had to make. While you might not have all the answers just yet, you’re willing to allow yourself to receive more inspiration this week that will direct you to your higher purpose! You put your trust in the Universe to provide all you need!







Ok, so these are posting a little later than usual. It’s been one heckuva weekend. But I hope you enjoyed this week’s Tarotscopes — heck send me any suggestions or comments you might have too! And as always if you’d like a reading, you can send me a message at facebook or my email.

Have a great week!!!

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