Venus enters Capricorn

Happy Birthday Elvis!!! So today is Elvis’ birthday, Venus enters Capricorn, AND Elvis’s Venus was in Capricorn! Who better to put a picture up of??! Definitely more appealing than just a pic of Venus! LOL!

Venus in your chart not only represents love, but also money and creativity. As Venus had been travelling through Sagittarius the last few weeks, things may have been a little exaggerated and free-spirited. But now that Venus has made her way into Capricorn, you can expect things to be a little more focused and committed. Venus can be fickle! Like a woman, treat her well and she’ll give you the world; but cross her and you know you’ll be in for it!

In terms of love, we may need to make sure we don’t close ourselves off from being able to express our wants and needs.  Just like Elvis could shake his hips, we’ll need to loosen up when it’s needed! But if there’s work to be done in a relationship, now’s the time to lay it all out there. Appreciation for ourselves is realized through the dependability and respect we give to others.

Since Venus also rules our money and finances, tightening the reins on our budget at this time also proves beneficial! We all enjoy splurging, especially during the holidays, but we also hate when the bills start coming in from it! This can be a time that we realize how we treat our finances is also tied in with how we value our own self-worth.

Venus likes things to be easy going for the most part and with being in Capricorn you’ll find stability is a little more easily had. Capricorn is practical and persistent. Now of course, we don’t all have the same chart.. so Venus is going to affect us differently! I personally, have had a rather busy, but fun month! And in keeping with my organizational theme, Venus will now be transiting through my 6th house of work and routines. So I’m definitely going to make sure that I put this energy to good use and will be putting a little more passion and creativity into things!

So while Venus makes her way through Capricorn until February 1st, let’s clean the slate of things that are no longer allowing us to be appreciative and dig into the work that needs done to get us to live our lives more productively!

If you’re wondering how Venus will be affecting you, you can enter in your natal information at and see where Venus is in your chart. Then you will look to see which house occupies the sign of Capricorn! You can also adjust the chart settings to show your transits to see exactly where Venus is transiting through your chart! A simple google search of “venus capricorn transit + your house #” will start you off on getting some good information. Cafe Astrology is a great source! Of course, you can always contact me at facebook or email if you’d like me to take a look at your chart as well!

Have a fabulous day and Many Blessings!

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