Weekend Love Forecast

I’m so stoked to have the Weekend Love Forecast this weekend at LivePerson since it’s the first weekend after New Years! I’m now coming into my third year of being involved with these horoscopes! Wow, time sure does fly by!!! And if you happen to subscribe to the horoscopes available at LivePerson, you’ll notice that I’ve also been the author of the birthday scopes for the past 2 years!

I’ve also had the pleasure of working with some other fabulous women that you should check out! Chrisalis would love to have you read her 2013 Yearly Love Forecast and Cristina currently has her Weekly Horoscope also available at LivePerson. I absolutely MUST tell you to take a look at Cristina’s other project, Psychic Guidepost Magazine! It is THE magazine for and by trusted, ETHICAL, psychics! You can also connect with Cristina on a more personal level at her Twitter or Facebook page!

So I hope you enjoy and if you’d like a reading to see what this year will bring, feel free to send me an email, message at Facebook or send me a quick IM through Digsby on the right side of this page if I’m available!

Have a fabulous weekend!!!

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