It’s All About Timing: Time frames in Readings

Well… I have been working on some posts lately, but with coming into my last month of pregnancy with the dr. appointments and all the family  birthdays; things have been pretty delayed… a lot. I even forgot to post the link to my lovescopes at Liveperson! Ohhhh delays, don’t we love them! Which brings us to this whole blog post!!!!

Lately it seems that clients have been a little confused as to how timing/time frames work within a reading. So I thought I would take a moment to clear some things up!!

A lot of the time during a reading, the question of “WHEN?” comes up… When will I get my promotion? When will I move? When will s/he call? When will we be together?

One thing that is incredibly important to realize is that absolutely NOTHING is written in stone. Every little step leads to the next and so on and so on.. but whether there’s just a pause on the path or a complete deviation, either one will have an effect on the timing of things. When timing is looked into, it is according to what is happening at the time of the reading! That is why a good number of readers won’t even touch timing!! There can just be too many variables. So if you are finding a psychic/tarot reader/astrologer who will give you timing know that they are expecting you to understand this and to not feel as though if they say “around the end of the month”, that the actual end of the month is some sort of cut off!!! There can still be some give within the timing and wouldn’t you feel horrible to be frustrated that the end of the month has come and gone and now it is the 2nd or 3rd day of the new month and the prediction they gave you has now come about and here you were cursing up a storm at how they were wrong and no good?!?

Everyone is going to work differently when it comes to timing or time frames. The way in that my guides show me many of my time frames is through a calendar which becomes illuminated by what can be a specific day (especially with my long standing clients where our energy is connected great!) or a couple days, or maybe even a whole week. It is just the way that we have come to work things out! In the beginning it may have been a number or a month, but after years and years of working with them, we’ve been able to really come down with a system that seems to be pretty darn accurate! Now granted, that’s not to say that I don’t get timing wrong! It’s gonna happen.. NO ONE is 100%! And it’s important to remember that YOU take a proactive approach with things as well… this is YOUR life!

Now you don’t want to hold on to the timing so much that the prediction is prevented from actually happening! When you want something so badly, you can actually create a delay or alter it completely!! The same is true if you get a prediction and act AHEAD of the time frame that is given! That of course is DEFINITELY going to end up altering things!! Like let’s say Michelle wants to know when her ex John is going to call and a time frame of “in about 2 weeks” comes about. Michelle decides that she’s tired of waiting and gives John a call 5 days later… things would completely end up changing since she took matters into her own hands! Or lets say that during this 2 week stretch the whole time Michelle has a feeling of dread and “he’s not going to call” plays over and over… this also can alter things as thoughts manifest into the physical and have then created a block to where he DOESN’T end up calling! Another thing to remember is that there will be an entirely other energy that is involved as well.. and they’ll have their own thoughts, feelings, actions, reactions and everything else going on in their own life as well. Maybe John suddenly got called out of town for work because something came about from ANOTHER person that had a problem and he’s the only one to take care of it! Of course Michelle is going to end up frustrated that things didn’t end up coming to pass! But the thing of it is, we can only see so many things within life and it’s always ebbing and flowing like the tides!

So, to recap.. timing is not 100%. Actually NO prediction of any sort can be 100%. But is anything in life 100%?! Definitely not… if it were, we’d all have some pretty darn boring lives!!! Believe me.. I sure didn’t see this 4th kiddo popping into the picture! Definitely one that came out of left field for me! LOL! But anyways.. when you have a question with timing, just make sure that you understand that there isn’t a precise science down with it and things can and will change. But hey, change can be good if you let it be… and isn’t a change what you’re looking for in the first place when you’re asking a question of “When?”! 😉

I hope this helps clients as well as readers that might not be sure how to explain to their clients how timing works! And as always, if you’d like a reading so I can take a look at things more in depth, you can send me a message at facebook or my email!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Many Blessings!!!!

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