No Target, it’s NOT ok to judge!

The last few days I’ve noticed the Universe giving me a couple little signals… a few work mates and friends first were discussing some words that we have banned. Words that came up included the “f” word, and no not f*ck.. which I have NO problems tossing around at times! Also, the “n” word; which I really can not stand and the “r” word, that I’ve had problems at times with it rolling off my tongue but have definitely made a conscious effort to not use it considering I have a special needs kid!

So imagine my surprise today when I was doing some shopping online today at Target and was told “It’s ok to judge”. I took a quick screenshot of it! I sat for a moment just thinking about it. And then I started to get mad! And not because I don’t think that there shouldn’t be some sort of measurable standards at times. I mean c’mon The Biggest Loser obviously is measuring a health standard and they are being “judged”, just as many other reality tv shows like Dancing with the Stars or American Idol! But there’s a time and place for judgments to be made. Unfortunately it seems like people make too many judgments without any justification! It’s bad enough that we make judgments about ourselves; not pretty enough or smart enough or rich enough. But when we start to put these judgments on others, we’re only projecting our own insecurities.

I happened to catch Dr. Phil today which was all about bullying. October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. It was very much about passing judgments and the bullies own insecurities! There was also a great organization featured as well; Stomp Out Bullying. And while I didn’t agree with everything that was being said, the main idea was what was important. There’s no reason to judge anyone, EVER! Because *hopefully* everyone is doing the best that they can. So Target, how about instead of “it’s ok to judge” we go with “it’s about choice”.  But oh wait, wasn’t there some problem about gay equality with Target?!? Maybe we’ll save that for another post! 😉

So, as in my other posts Minding Your Words and Minding Your Thoughts it’s just important to remember that we’re all in this together and the interactions we bring to one another are equally needed as much as the progress we make on ourselves!


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