What You Do, You Be! Do-be-do-be-do!

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” ~Maya Angelou

“Things do not change; we change.” ~Henry David Thoreau

“Courage is being afraid but going on anyhow.” ~Dan Rather

I was thinking to myself earlier, this seems to happen on occasion! 😉 And if you’ve read my earlier posts Minding Your Thoughts or Minding Your Words, you’ll see this one follows along the same lines! Anyways.. It’s sometimes easy for us to get caught up in the monotonous feelings that can be there. I mean, sure.. who doesn’t want to be happy all the time for the most part?! And usually we’re pretty happy with the way life is going, but then there’s always something that gives us a little “what if”? What if I decided to quit my job and pursue my hobby as a career? What if I took the jump of singing in front of people? But if you don’t take the chance, you would never know the opportunity. Because the opportunity is there… they’ll always come around. But what you do, is what you’ll be…

And this works in a lot of ways! It’s the same with what you say. If you’re always complaining and it’s coming out of your mouth; it’s coming out, because you’ve already thought it, it’s been processed. Uh-oh. And now you’re feeling like you’ve got a big ‘ol F! So then you’re grumpy throughout the day. It’s what you’re doing is what is going to determine what you’ll BE doing while you continue down the path. What you say is what you think and what you think is what you’ll do and what you do is what you’ll be… see the cycle? Too many times we stand in our own way! It is easy to make excuses for why we do this as we’ll rationalize it out to where it becomes acceptable to what we think and feel. But then after a while we are upset at ourselves for letting the time pass by! There needs to still be the understanding and acceptance that things happen for a reason.. whether or not we decide to take that leap. But the opportunities that present themselves are there for the taking. It is only up to us to make the decision on what we want to DO, for what the future will BE!

Here is a great meditation to help with mental clarity and allowing for new experiences!

Items Needed; 1 blue candle, 1 orange candle, 1 white candle.. place in a triangle with the white candle at top, blue to the left side and orange to the right.

If possible, make an essential oil blend with the following; 4 drops of Lemongrass, 2 drops of Bay, 1 drop of Basil, 1 drop Ginger, 1 drop of Nutmeg; anoint your third eye before beginning meditation.

Begin by sitting and gazing at the candle light. Watch as the candle flames dance and flicker. See the energy within the flame as golden energy as each day begins the blazing sun crests the horizon. Feel how that energy is a new beginning and eternal as it is there for you to take at any time, every day. Either continue to sit upright or lie down in a comfortable position. Take a few deep breaths in and let them out and begin to steady your breath. As you begin to slip into a light meditative state, let yourself feel light and airy… visualize yourself laying on a BIG, WHITE, FLUFFY cloud.. feel how soft and relaxing and carefree it has you feeling. Sail through the sky and enjoy the relaxation it brings. When you are ready, feel the cloud bring you to a clearing on the top of a mountain. There is a lush meadow filled with many wildflowers. Step off the cloud and walk through the meadow to a giant tree. The only tree that you can see. Feel it’s strength in the adversity of being on this mountain by it’s lonesome. You notice there is a desk with a journal on it under the tree. You see this journal containing thoughts on situations you’ve wondered about being different. As you sit reading though them, you realize that some are things you no longer wanting to worry about.. mark in the journal underneath the entry how you are done worrying of this and move on to the next. There will be some you won’t be able to go through at this time and that is ok. Then you will notice the blank pages that are still there. Now is the time to journal what you are feeling of your “WHAT IF”… After you are done, re-read the journal entries you may want to revisit and also your WHAT IF entry. Close the journal knowing you are going to work on what it is you want to be so as not to have that feeling you didn’t try. Climb back on the cloud and let it take you through the sky and back to the beginning of where you first found it. Let your body adjust to coming more into the physical. And slowly open your eyes.

When you come out of this meditation you should feel relaxed, but SUPER motivated and released of any failing negative feelings!! 🙂

If you have any questions on how you can connect with your soul’s purpose, you can send me a message at my email or at facebook and feel free to leave comments as well!


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