New Moon in Leo

We’re about to start a new cycle here with this New Moon falling on the Leo/Aquarius axis! Leo is the ruler of the 5th house and ruled by the Sun. The 5th house is where we find our jollies; creation, procreation and recreation!! So, namely our artistic inspired creative talents; how we approach romance, courtship, and sex (or making babies, since 5th house is also for children!); sports and games, gambling and speculation. basically, the house of fun! Aquarius is traditionally ruled by Saturn and it’s modern ruler Uranus, and is ruler over the 11th house. The 11th house is where we find our ideals, humanity and community. These are the ideals you seek to live by or achieve; your hopes, desires, dreams, and your humanitarian concerns. It’s how you establish your individuality and freedom; and maybe how you break the rules! But also how you relate to friends and groups of people who share your ideals.

Now remember, the Sun and Moon are the 2 most important “planets” in your chart. Technically they aren’t planets, but are luminaries, since they give off light! The Sun represents our emotional security or insecurities, temperament and attachments. The Moon is our feelings and our perception of emotions. When the Sun and Moon are activated together, it creates an intense energy flow between the Sun (consciousness) and the Moon (feelings).

So what does this mean for this New Moon? Well, these Leoine energies are giving us that feeling like our inner child, or Fetch in the Feri world, wants to come out and play!! Leo energy is ambitious, outgoing, even royal. You want it your way and you want it NOW! And while Leo’s energy can somewhat be self centered.. Aquarius is more about them. So you can see, we might need to be a little careful in the way we express ourselves or what we want to say might not come out quite right to others!

Throughout the Moon’s cycles, there is a death and rebirth happening. During the New Moon we let our instincts lead us. While in Leo, focus will be on making time for play, creative projects, reclaiming personal power; celebrating your uniqueness, undertaking an adventure and risks, stepping into more leadership, and enjoying passionate love and friendship. This New Moon with it’s Leo/Aquarius influence will help us push ourselves to realize that we can only achieve what we set ourselves out for!!

Those with a planet or angle at 18 degrees of Leo or Aquarius (or the other fixed signs of Taurus or Scorpio), may feel the strength of the New Moon more directly. So let’s take a look at how this might effect your sign!

Aries (March 21 – April 19)- This New Moon activates your 5th House, and as previously stated, house of creativity, children and hobbies. You may have the feeling of wanting to make new friendships; or the friends you do have, you’ll want the bond stronger! If you’ve put any creative projects on the back burner, now is a great time to get back to work on them. If you have children, take time to play games with them that you enjoyed.. or if your older, there’s nothing wrong with a couple of beers for an adult game night either!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)- As this New Moon activates your 4th House, it brings focus to your home and family. Events from the past may unexpectedly have you thinking of how it affects you in the present. You might also find yourself wanting to tackle home projects that you’ve put off to make your home more how you’ve wanted it to be or if relocation has been on your mind, this may be the start of that action! Any social connections at your house are sure to bring you deep emotional satisfaction. Your appreciation for family is easily shown.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)-You may feel a strong drive to achieve what you’ve been looking for through intellect and mental accomplishments as the New Moon sits in your 3rd House of communication and intelligence. The 3rd House also indicates siblings and neighbors, so you may be inspired to work on the relationship and become closer. This will be a time to expand and communicate your ideas! If you have a special talent, you might find satisfaction in teaching others your skill. Since this is also a time of increased awareness, establishing a meditation routine may prove beneficial!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)- Finances will focus in heavily for with the New Moon hanging out in your 2nd House of income and worth. It might be tough to realize what’s serving it’s purpose for you and what’s expendable! Financial transactions may factor in at this time. You may be living beyond your means and an increased need for domestic security will have a greater effect on your emotional well-being. You could start to question your understanding of security vs. materialism.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)- With this being YOUR New Moon in your in your 1st House, your personality and approach with others shine! Your will and self awareness are abundant! But don’t let your Leoine self get the better of you! You’ll need to be careful of impatience and compulsiveness as changeable moods, emotional excitability, and self expression factor in heavily! You may also have a tendency for emotional impulsiveness and could be confronted about your ego.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)- The New Moon finds itself in your 12th House you may need to re-evaluate the signals you subconsciously broadcast. This is not the time to lose faith in your goals. But you might be surprised if you shift your focus from recognition for your actions to feeling fulfilled by the service you’re providing. This is the time to listen to your inner voice, rely on your intuition and take time for some self contemplation. Psychic sensitivity, moodiness, and loneliness may occur at this time.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)- This dynamic Leo New Moon finds itself in your 11th House, the house of groups and friendships. You may find this energy as being restricted or be faced with pressure from others. With Venus in your sign as well, you would do best to trust your actions are done with the best intentions. You may be the one that needs to take the lead in organizing a group experience if you want to spread your humanitarianism. At this time, you may find your interest in occult subjects are heightened as well and you can easily research the information you look for.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)- This New Moon is represented in your 10th House. The house of  career success and status. If you’re looking for power or fame, you need to realize it comes with price! You may also find that you receive unfavorable publicity or disruptions from everyday family life can interfere in your career. Any goals can be related to establishing domestic security. The ambition to succeed is there, be sure the reason you’re working so hard is really what you want at the end result!

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)- As this New Moon finds itself in your 9th House of philosophy, higher education, traditions and spiritual matters; you may find yourself taking time for travel or venturing into a new educational experience. You may question your religious or philosophical outlook. This is not a time to be limiting of yourself or condescending, you’ll need to keep an open mind. Use this time to find your inspiration and harness the energy to realize your highest hopes!

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)- This New Moon is represented in your 8th House; the house of shared resources, physical, psychological, spiritual and psychic evolution. You may feel the desire to end old connections or emotional ties to those you feel are holding you back! You have strong recuperative abilities that let you bounce back from any struggle that’s been happening. Just be careful of impatience and compulsiveness.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)-  Relationships will focus in heavily for with the New Moon hanging out in your 7th House. It might be tough to realize what emotions are serving their purpose for you! You can expect more contact with the general public at this time and interaction with women will also be featured. While you are likely to have strong emotional reactions with others and their attitudes, be careful of any emotional outbursts or quarrels at this time that can come about from financial problems or family.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)- During this New Moon, it’ll find itself in your 6th House, house of health and daily routines. Household order, cleanliness, and organization will be critical to your emotional well being. You may find problems at work or relating with others as well. Also, if you’ve had any health problems, now would be the time to address them. Establishing a routine for a healthy body and mind can be beneficial!

I hope the New Moon’s energy treats you well! Remember that during the New Moon phase this can be the time for spellworking that will bring things to you!! If you have any questions regarding how the planets are affecting you personally, or you would like a spell personalized to your needs, you can reach me at facebook or email!

Many Blessings!!

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