June 21st – 27th Tarotscopes

Here is this week’s Tarotscopes! Sorry they’re a tad bit late.. I was having some formatting problems for some reason!! And as I had promised, we’re switching it up a bit and I’ll be using the Universal Waite deck! I’ve used both the Universal Waite and the Rider Waite in the past, I had used the Rider Waite for about 4 years exclusively when I had first started reading Tarot since the images are the ones mostly used in shows and movies.. it just made it easy for people to relate to them! I hope you enjoy my readings and please feel free to send me any messages at my email or facebook!

Knight of CupsAries (Mar 21 – April 19)- You’re starting to branch out a little more! Some new opportunities are going to show up this week and old commitments might end up getting closed up by the weekend. New contacts or allowing relationships that are beneficial back into your life favor heavily. You may have been keeping company with those that were holding you back. Anything that get’s you a new routine will have you feeling refreshed and invigorated about life! Just be sure you’re not taking on more than you can handle and you’ll be able to reach your goals. It’s time to take some more pride in who you are and the goals that you hold for yourself!

The Chariot ReversedTaurus (April 20 – May 20) – If you’re feeling that you’re losing the battle, have faith in knowing the fight is for a common goal! You may need to let go your fears and doubts that what you’re feeling is “wrong”. They are your feelings and reactions to the situation that’s been brewing for a while. If you can have some control, you may be able to make it through the week without it being a total disaster! That’s not to say you won’t be able to escape making any sort of decisions.. just know that you’re doing it for the sake of moving forward with life!

3 of CupsGemini (May 21 – June 20)- You’ve been over the moon lately! This week should bring about a celebration.. possibly a late birthday celebration? Just make sure you don’t overdo it! You might feel like things are speeding along without you and you’re needing to catch up with everyone else.. just be thankful for where you’re at and know you’re right where you need to be and WHO you need to be. Stay true to yourself and your causes and you’ll have the good fortune you’ve been looking for! If anything this week will show you that you’re just where you wanted to be and you’re finding that exuberant balance you thought was missing!

King of Cups ReversedCancer (June 21 – July 22)- A reversed King of Cups for you (and me!) this week can show it might bring about some moodiness. There’s a lot of focus around the house and home. A discussion of responsibilities and changes for the future is a possibility over the weekend. Keeping feelings focused and mature will factor in heavily if any real discussion is going to make any change. These worrying thoughts may have been bottled up for a while, but once they’re out on the table, there’s no going back. Others know you’re coming from a place of general caring… you just need to learn how to express yourself before you explode!

3 of Pentacles ReversedLeo (July 23 – Aug 22)- This week either your work seems to get passed over or if you are working with someone on a project, you might be left with only your half completed! It may feel like a struggle just to get to the weekend, so when you do get there.. don’t end up making it one you regret! You may just need a little patience right now and try not to push things so much in your favor, they’re probably already there in the first place! You’ll also need to make sure you’re being compensated properly as well and not being taken advantage of. Just be careful your lion’s roar doesn’t scare anyone off!

JusticeVirgo (Aug 23 – Sept 22)- Your eyes are wide open this week! If anything has been troublesome, that’ll be coming to an end and in a fair and balanced way as well. By the weekend you’ll be able to feel a sense of relief, but could be forced out of your comfort zone as well in another way. Change needs to come about, but don’t expect the world just to change around YOU. You’ve got to be a part of what’s going on and be accountable for your actions. If you’ve been missing the lessons you’ve been taught lately, it might be tough to see where you’re headed. Keep living in the experiences!

The Lovers ReversedLibra (Sept 23 – Oct 22)- Just because you thought things were on the right path, doesn’t mean someone didn’t change the sign post! This week might throw you for such a loop, it might be tough to make sense of anything. Honestly right now, you probably won’t be able to. You’ll need to find a balance with your heart and your head! You can’t have one over rule the other if you’re going to reach your full potential. The Lover’s reversed is definitely showing a choice will need to be made. Just make sure that you have all the information you need before rushing ahead with anything! Making a choice doesn’t mean you have to give up!

The High Priestess ReversedScorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)- The High Priestess holds a wealth of knowledge.. but reversed, something is amiss. Are you holding back from the truth? Or have you lost the trust in someone? This week is going to have you looking inside yourself, searching for your truths. You might find yourself somewhat surprised by the people around you and it might be a time where those that have been negatively impacting you will now be leaving. Say good riddance!!! You don’t need that sort of drama anymore! Move forward in knowing you’re the one that’s in control of your life and you can trust you know exactly what you want!

8 of SwordsSagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)- Right now you could perceive things could always be worse.. and that’s fine. But not everyone is going to share that optimistic outlook! It’s only going to be an obstacle if you make it that way, so be sure you are fighting fair when it comes down to it. If you feel you have the answers, now might be a good time to share them! You can’t blame others, or yourself, for the predicament. It’s now the time to work together, but you’ll also be starting a new path for yourself too that’ll have you feeling a lot more comfortable with where things are headed!

Page of CupsCapricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)- You’ll be thinking about a lot of things this week! Don’t get too upset if you find yourself lost in dreams of the past.. just remember them for what they were and take some advice from them! If you’ve been too closed off from others, now might be the time to make amends. Just make sure you’re coming across as genuine. It may seem as though this sort of thing has happened before with you. It might be the time to re-evaluate how you’ve been emotionally invested in things. A new approach later could be key! Don’t worry about finding the solution yet, give yourself a moment to breathe.

DeathAquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)- Don’t freak out with the Death card! This week for you is going to be FANTASTIC! All your resources have been pulling together for you and you can feel a global change on the horizon! As you can see in this card the sun is on the horizon, but is it rising or setting? Everything has been moving along naturally and thought changes have been about, they have been somewhat pleasant! You know that the change is for the better and you have been more at peace than you’ve felt in a while. The cycle of life is blessing you by purifying and eliminating that which is no longer needed!

2 of PentaclesPisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)- You might need to be a little more adaptable this week. If you’ve been discouraged, by the weekend you’ll be singing a happier tune! Let others help if they want, you don’t need to prove anything by taking on so much. Focus on one task at a time and you’ll knock them out before you know it if you can keep your emotional impulses at bay! Your inspiration might be waning a bit, but once you take a break, you’ll have your second wind and be ready for more! You’ve been forging ahead in a lot of ways and are creating the prosperity you’ve been wanting!

Many Blessings!! Have a FABULOUS week!!

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