May 31st – June 6th Tarotscopes

Here is your weekly dose of Tarotscopes! Once again, The images I have accompanying are from the Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. I have been using these cards primarily as my general reading deck for the last 5 years.. I absolutely LOVE the artwork on them! I hope you enjoy my readings and please feel free to send me any messages at my email or facebook!

7 of Wands ReversedAries (Mar 21 – April 19)- This week you might find yourself overly stressed out! You want to stand your ground, or make some headway.. but anything you try to do just seems to fall short. It seems just as easy to give up right now! Try not to give up, but take a step back and have a go at it from another approach!! It’s frustrating, but progress is still going to be made. Put your resources to good use and understand that you can’t always have everything happen at once! Besides, do you really need any more stress? At least by the weekend you’ll have figured things out and will be able to relax!

The HermitTaurus (April 20 – May 20)- Work may be your priority at the moment. It’s ok, it happens to everyone! But are you just using it as an excuse to avoid what’s going on in your relationships? Have things really gotten so bad that you’re willing to compromise in order to keep the peace? Would you rather hide from them than be with them? You’ll be taking a look back and contemplating things this week and see what needs fixing before taking any action. You do not need to make any decision, but at least take a look at what’s actually wrong and admit to it rather than pretend it doesn’t exist!

The TowerGemini (May 21 – June 20)- This card is one of those that you usually get a GASP with! It’s all in how you choose to manage it! With you, dear Gemini, you’ll need to make sure someone isn’t trying to undermine your character or you aren’t falling into someone’s gossip trap! Sometimes things need to be totally stripped down to really get to the heart of the matter. It’s not always the prettiest thing to go through, but you know you can trust yourself firstly, and whomever is in your corner is sure to be someone you can trust as well! Take time this week before jumping to any conclusions!

3 of SwordsCancer (June 21 – July 22)- The 3 of Swords will show you that even though there’s loss, you’ll make a come back! And be even STRONGER! Things are happening in your favor, even if they don’t seem like it. Sooner or later you might understand that you can control it all! If you’re keeping your feelings bottled up or if you’re on the receiving end of someone else, make sure to choose your words wisely! There’s no reason to drudge up the past if it’s totally irrelevant to the situation! Keep the faith that by the weekend you’ll have figured out how to restore peace and harmony.

6 of Wands ReversedLeo (July 23 – Aug 22)- For Leos, and when reversed, this card can show a blow to the ego or not receiving the praise you deserve! You really put your all in and expected a lot more recognition. Don’t let it get to you. You know your self worth far outweighs other people’s approvals! Just make sure that by the time the weekend comes around you aren’t looking to displace that frustrated energy in a negative way or you might further regret any real character damage. Take pride in knowing you strive to be “king” or “queen”! You are the one in control of your destiny!

King of Cups ReversedVirgo (Aug 23 – Sept 22)- You may find yourself daydreaming of winning the lotto or just wishing for an answer to any financial problems that might be around. Someone, possibly a Cancer, who may seem opinionated, could give you some valuable advice. This card could be reminding you to stop daydreaming and find an acceptable plan to get things back on track. Are you letting your emotions get the better of you? Take a moment to breathe and really analyze the aspects that are important. Once you zero in on the problem, you can focus on the solution! Don’t feel as though you need to figure it out alone.

8 of Pentacles reversedLibra (Sept 23 – Oct 22)- Finding balance could be extremely tough this week if you’ve been waiting on some news about a promotion or new employment! Alternatively, you may feel like you’re stuck in your current position and want to break free! If you’re not doing what you love, you’ll be chasing your passion until you finally accept it. If you’re faced with someone wanting to borrow money, don’t feel bad if you can’t do it, but don’t be stingy if you can. It may just be a test to what you’re really looking for. This is a fabulous example of manifesting by giving and being in acceptance to receive!

Page of SwordsScorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)- Be careful you’re not coming across the wrong ways to others this week! Unless you genuinely don’t care about their opinion. You’re tired of the drama and negativity and want to focus on something new and constructive for yourself. That’s not to say that it’ll be 100% put into motion, but at least you’re willing to set out on a new path. And if it doesn’t work out, it was a learning experience! A down to Earth Taurus might be able to help in your venture. Now is not time to give up, you just need to clean out the cheering section!

4 of Wands reversedSagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)- With the 4 of Wands reversed, your foundation may be on shaky ground. You may have received some good news in the last 2 weeks, but it’s not time to celebrate just yet! If you’ve been putting off your responsibilities, it’s time to get back in your game. You can rely on others for their support, but you can’t expect them to do the work for you. This week will be as effective as you want it to be! Prosperity is yours and has the chance to flourish at this time. You have the abilities of achieving great happiness.. if you’ll just put in the effort!

10 of Pentacles reversedCapricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)- Usually you’re the one everyone expects to be saving their pennies, but you might just be tempted to splurge this week a little more than usual! There may be some feelings of insecurity popping up. Don’t take it personally if others aren’t giving you as much attention as usual. That’s not a reason to go shopping though! If you’re looking to receive some guidance, you might be looking in the wrong place or end up with advice you didn’t need. Try to keep your focus more on your home and surroundings this week and what you can do to create a more secure, happier environment.

King of SwordsAquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)- This week may have you feeling as if everyone is judging you. They really only have your best interests at heart and are trying a more direct approach this time around! Decisions have been put of long enough and you’ll need to decide what it is you really want. This is a very crucial time for you and advancement is necessary if you want to move yourself into the next positive cycle of your life. You may have a Libra in your life that is trying to help you achieve the balance you seek. It is ultimately your choice on the path you’ll take!

The FoolPisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)- You may be feeling yourself more intuitive or spiritual this week. Something has caused you to feel you need more dedication and structure within your life. You may have just been daydreaming too much without accomplishing what you set forth to do. If you feel you need a break, take a break. But don’t let yourself become too carefree. Now is the time that any new endeavors are best accomplished. Trust in your intuition in what you know to be true. You’ll never fail yourself and what you believe in! By the weekend you’ll know you’re right where you want to be!

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