My Top 10 Crystals List

crystals Crystals contain various energy vibrations and these vibrations can be harnessed to bring positive changes to your health, wealth, emotions and more! I absolutely LOVE crystals so picking just 10 was a little rough! These are a few I have worked with extensively, though you may be drawn to others. It’s all a matter of preference and your “chosen” crystals will reveal themselves to you with time. I have tried to combine this list to utilize crystal energy on a general level, as well their properties for chakra healing.

For those of you with kids at home (What can I say, I homeschool!) or if you want an incredibly basic explanation on what a crystal is and how they’re made, check out Science Kids at Home.

The first thing you will want to do is find somewhere to buy your crystals. Try searching Yellowbook or Google Maps for metaphysical or occult shops; in different regions they can be listed differently. The Witches Voice also has an online listing of shops in different states. I have only bought a very few of my crystals over the internet. I like to “feel out” my crystals and make sure I’m connected with them from the start. I highly recommend purchasing your stones in person if you are just starting out. As you learn to work with them, you’ll see they tend to come and go as they’re supposed too!

How to utilize crystals

1. Wear them! The simplest of all! Carrying your crystal with you will provide you it’s energy all day. This can be by way of simply a stone in your pocket or an elaborate jewelry piece.

2. Place on body during meditation. This can be a very “focusing” way to take the energy within. When working with stones during meditation, they enhance the intention of your working.

3. Making a crystal elixir. Simply place a crystal in a glass of water and allow the water to absorb the crystals energy. Remove the crystal and drink the water. (*Note to Readers!!* Elixirs are NOT to be taken in lieu of traditional medicine. Please consult your health practitioner regarding any and all medical concerns.)

4. Room/Body Spritzer. This is similar to an elixir, although you would add essential oils as well for an aromatherapy use! Oils also hold their own essential “energy” from the plants they come from. An Amethyst, Rose Quartz, added with Orange and Lavender oils makes a magickal bed linen spritzer! (*Note to Readers!!* Some essential oils can be very harmful, especially for pregnant women! Please research all oils fully before allowing skin contact.)

Cleansing, Charging and Storing your crystals

For a simple, basic cleansing; holding them under your sink faucet will do. You can also use a sage stick; but I find crystals react more “naturally” to water. For a more thorough cleansing so there is no residual energy and so that the crystals are more receptive to your energy, you can cleanse them in water and a tsp. of sea salt. NOT table salt, which is not conducive to their energy. Also cleanse within a non-metallic, non-plastic container. For a super thorough cleansing you can bury them in some organic soil through a moon cycle; full moon to full moon. You can also leave them in the sunlight, moonlight or both; depending on your workings to charge them with additional energy. Some crystals will also react differently when exposed to sunlight or moonlight, so be sure to check it’s properties!

You may also want to “charge” your crystals with your energy and the intent you wish it to help you with. It’s as easy as sitting with your crystal and telling it what you want. Let’s say you want to charge an aventurine to be used for prosperity. Hold the crystal in your hands and say “I charge this crystal with the pure intention of abundance and prosperity for myself and the good of all”. That’s it!

For storing your crystals, I recommend natural fabric bags. Crystals are very natural themselves and do not retain their energies as well in synthetic made (plastic containers) products. If you display your crystals, you will want to make sure to cleanse them regularly as they will “retain” energy from the environment.

The Top 10 Crystal list

1. Garnet – Planetary energy: Mars. Chakra: Base/Root/1st. Keywords: Healing, Protection, Strength, Sexual Energy, Business Success.

Used to enhance strength and endurance, the projective energy of the stone can be used for protective purposes; aura strengthening and shielding.

In healing, garnets regulate the heart and blood, and can be used for skin conditions such as inflammation. They can also be used to increase the sex drive.

Garnets represent love and teach patience. They help the individual sharpen self-perception and open themselves to others. This stone also brings consistency to friendships.

In business, garnets are used for stimulating success by allowing the user to become more involved in their workings. It is great as a motivation stone!

2. Carnelian – Planetary energy: Sun, Mars. Chakra: Sacral/2nd. Keywords: Healing, Protection, Peace, Courage, Sexual Energy.

Carnelians can be used to enhance courage and communication. The projective energy enhances the users public speaking, giving the individual confidence. They can also calm a temper. They bring about a balance of peaceful action.

The healing properties of carnelain can primarily be found in energy boosting. They also help with calming the users anxieties or depression, promoting a more peaceful feeling.

Carnelian is also said to protect against poverty and bad vibes.

3. Citrine – Planetary energy: Sun, Jupiter. Chakra: Solar Plexus/3rd. Keywords: Anti-Nightmare, Protection, Psychism, Creativity, Self Esteem.

This one has been called the “stone of the mind”. Citrine is very beneficial to those in education, the arts or business. Citrine allows us to see a clear path to move in the right direction. It can be used to enhance learning, harness creativity or view business developments from all sides. It will promote clarity of thought. Definitely a bonus for psychics!

Citrine can also benefit to a good nights sleep and will dispel nightmares or night time fears in children. It can be used to calm a distressed endocrine or digestive system as well, cleansing and eliminating built up toxins. Healing is also utilized by developing a more inner calmness, making the user less sensitive and more open to constructive criticism. This also makes it beneficial to depression as well.

These stones are said to bring joy and love to the owner and are also used within business to increase sales.

4. Malachite – Planetary energy: Venus, Jupiter. Chakra: Heart/4th. Keywords: Power, Protection, Love, Peace, Business Success.

Malachite can be a rather tough stone to work with. Mostly because it enhances the users emotions. Having a bad day? Wearing malachite will make it 5x worse. Having the best day of your life? It’ll seem THAT much better!! Malachite is a fabulous stone to use with past life/karmic work as it can be a “mirror of the soul”, bringing out positive and negative energies to be balanced.

It can be used in physical healing, though caution needs to be taken as it is mostly used for neurological and mental illnesses. Do NOT use malachite in an elixir!!! Malachite dust is highly toxic!

Malachite is primarily used for energy enhancement, drawing love to oneself, protection against negativity and physical danger, and in business to draw good deals, sales, and customers.

5. Sodalite – Planetary energy: Venus. Chakra: Throat/5th. Keywords: Healing, Peace, Meditation, Wisdom.

This stone brings about peace, inner and outer! Sodalite harmonizes the conscious and subconscious mind. It is an exceptional meditation stone and promotes wisdom.

Sodalite’s healing abilities are used in emotionally related diseases or those caused by stress, anger or fear. Wearing this stone can dispel fear or guilt, stills the mind, relaxes the body and calms inner turmoil.

Also said to be extra lucky for writers!

6. Sugilite – Planetary energy: Jupiter. Chakra: Third Eye/6th. Keywords: Psychism, Spirituality, Healing, Wisdom.

Sugilite has been my absolute favorite stone for years now!! I don’t know what it is about this stone, but once I found it… I was hooked! I feel it has a mix of energy, like carnelain and amethyst together… anyways…

It is considered one of the most spiritual stones, representing spiritual love and wisdom. This stone has the healing ability to open and align all chakras. During meditation it can be used to increase awareness of the spiritual world and to obtain wisdom.

Sugilite is a wonderful psychic stone and enhances ones abilities. This stone will being love and light to all!

In healing, sugilite can be used for headaches, dyslexia, joint pain relief and motor dysfunction. Healing can also be achieved through releasing emotional turmoil. Sugilite also clears past disappointments, aids in forgiveness, and relieves spiritual tension.

7. Moonstone – Planetary energy: Moon. Chakra: Crown/7th. Keywords: Love, Divination, Grounding, Psychism, Protection, Gardening, Dieting.

One of the very first stones I worked with and still one of my faves! But I’m also a gardening psychic Cancer witch, so seems fitting!

Moonstones are known to be of ancient spiritual significance. The deep connection to oneself, the universe, and the cycles of change. This stone is one that percieves things in the present. Showing oneself where they stand. Emotionally, moonstones can help us remain calm, though they will stimulate sensitivity, intuition and clairvoyance.

In a meditative grounding, moonstones help us find purpose and direction through our subconscious. Spirituality can also be explored more through moonstones and connecting with Goddess energy.

The moonstone offers a gentle protection. Since the moon naturally travel the zodiac, it’s qualities for protection away from home is the perfect gift for those traveling.

The healing properties are generally used for balancing women’s cycles. Though healing can also be used for stimulating the function of the pineal gland and other hormones, such as those for fertility. Emotional healing can also be achieved and men can benefit from this stone in opening to their emotional self.

Moonstones are said to be a stone for lovers. It is highly prized for it’s ability to work out quarrels! An exchange of moonstones between lovers is said to strengthen the relationship. This stone is exceptionally receptive and love-drawing. Wearing or carrying a moonstone is sure to bring love in your life!

Finally, moonstones are especially beneficial in weight loss! The beauty of the moon as it waxes and wanes. Beauty in general can be enhanced, though weight loss with a moonstone focuses you to eat more healthy, controlling your urges.

8. Rose Quartz – Planetary energy: Venus. Keywords: Love, Self Worth, Peace, Understanding.

Rose quartz is an awesome starter stone! Actually, it was my starter stone! A gift from a friend that brought on my love of crystals! They say a gift of a rose quartz will keep the friendship or relationship in place forever.

It’s energy properties are that of an emotional level. The user can feel their self worth, feel the love of the universe, feel being worthy of love. It’s gentle vibrations stimulate love and appreciation on all levels.

Rose quartz can also be utilized through meditation to work past uncomfortable memories. It will also help to diffuse negative stimuli. It allows us to forgive ourselves, bringing self-acceptance. The stone will always positively effect the user. It is suggested for children, to develop a more compassionate and understanding nature. It is also helpful for those within the arts, medical and teaching professions.

The healing properties concern the heart and circulatory system. Reproductive organs may also become healthier, increasing fertility. Those suffering low self-esteem also benefit from rose quartz.

Rose quartz is a good stone at a time like this when many are faced with trying situations. If troubled, it can help with accepting the situation and restoring your faith.

9. Hematite – Planetary energy: Mercury, Mars, Saturn. Keywords: Healing, Grounding, Divination, Protection.

Hematite is an extremely powerful healing stone. The physical properties of itself are unique. If you scratch the stone, you can rub the scratch out! Almost like it heals!

It’s healing properties are said to draw illness out of the body. Because of the iron within, it has a strong effect on the blood and supports the cleansing of kidneys. It also improves oxygen supply to the body. Some people may experience skin inflammation by wearing hematite, use with caution!

It can also be used in improving relationships and has been used for protection in lawsuits and court cases. The energy is very balancing and neutral.

Hematite can be a very grounding stone used to focus the attention on the physical plane. It can also be utilized with divination and shadow work.

10. Opal – Planetary energy: All. Keywords: Astral Projection, Psychism, Magick, Beauty, Luck, Money, Power.

The energy of opals is expansive! Just like it’s many colors! They enhance cosmic consciousness, luck, and creativity. Opals may be a little tough since they can enhance the energy, although sometimes it may get a little haywire and scattered due to their changing nature! Though because of it’s colors and energies it can be programmed for just about any purpose.

Opals are especially helpful with astral projection and for protection within the astral plane. They are also utilized in past life regressions. This stone is also used by those just developing their psychic abilities as it allows users to pick up on subjects quickly!

Fire opals are used to enhance business and money energies. Care should be taken into consideration as they can effect the energies of the solar plexus. In healing, this opal helps relieve energy deficiencies; stimulates sexual organs and the adrenal glands.

Black opals are exceptionally lucky and said to aid in magickal workings by increasing the powerful energy.

Opals should be stored by themselves in a cotton bag as they are 30% water and break easily!

Here are a few books I recommend checking out!






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