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Celebrate Ostara

Ostara (also Eostara, Eostre) or the Spring/Vernal Equinox is celebrated when night and day are in perfect balance. That is, they are the same amount of hours. At this time we are inviting the fertility of the Earth to awaken. … Continue reading

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Spring Spiritual Housecleaning

The Spring Equinox, or Ostara, is just a few days away!! And while we wake ourselves from Winter’s slumber, that wonderful time of year is back! SPRING CLEANING!!!! 😉 Spring cleaning can bring about such a love/hate relationship. We love … Continue reading

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Ides of March Contest

Beware the Ides of March?! I think not!!! Those words made famous in William Shakespeare’s dramatic play of Julius Caesar is now my inspiration for a little contest! I am offering up 2 FREE services of your choice; psychic, tarot, … Continue reading

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Ask Andi Witchy Wednesday

I know I missed last week’s post, so I have that one, PLUS this week’s as well!! Sorry I missed the last one.. life got a little hectic these last few days with family in from out of town, one … Continue reading

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